God never intended for anyone to bear the weight of their own provision. If you don’t believe that then you forgot the Garden of Eden and you forgot the Israelites 40 years in the wilderness and God fed them every day and you forgot Jesus feeding the multitudes multiple times and you forgot Peter catching a net breaking, boat sinking load of fish without toil when He had a word from the Lord to let down the nets and you forgot Peter catching the fish and found a coin to pay for his and Jesus’ taxes and you forgot Matthew 6 and Jesus sermon about the Kingdom of God provision without toiling and you forgot Philippians 4:19 that God will supply all of your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus and you forgot Proverbs 10:22 and The Blessing of the Lord makes rich and He adds no sorrow with it, neither does toiling increase it. No it’s not your efforts, your might, your strength or your work and your toiling that provides for you but it is The Blessing and the increase of the Lord that increases you more and more both you and your children. The curse out here is what makes man have to work and toil for everything but you are not under the curse because Christ has redeemed you from the curse of the law being made a curse for you that the blessing of Abraham might come on you. So stop putting pressure on yourself to meet your needs and let your faith be in The Blessing that removes the curse of toiling for everything and releases the Kingdom provision.

This world system set up by a man called Nimrod the great-grandson of Noah is what will get you under pressure to meet your needs but you have to remember Jesus’ message about the Kingdom meeting your needs in Matthew 6. So if you are under pressure to meet your needs then go to Matthew 6 and meditate it until you see the Kingdom meeting your needs.

When Noah and his family came off the ark the Lord pronounced The Blessing on them, the same Blessing pronounced on Adam and Eve in the Garden; but Nimrod, Noah’s great-grandson, hated God and rebelled against God and he left The Blessing and set out to meet his own needs and live life without God. He was made a king and he was the one in charge of building the tower of Babel just to rebel against God. So Nimrod set up this world system that makes you toil and work for every dime you get and never have enough. This is Satan’s kingdom and system we see in the earth and the end of it is found in Revelations 17-19 when God pours out his wrath and judgment on Babylon the great. Babylon is a system that tries to meet its needs without God.

Today we see the battle between the kingdom of this world and the Kingdom of God. One you have to work for everything, the kingdom of darkness of this world system and the other is the Kingdom of God where you don’t work for your provision but you work the spiritual laws of sowing and reaping and tithing and giving offerings and other Kingdom laws and principles and all things needed are added to you. That’s why poverty will never be eradicated unless someone teaches the financial principles of the Kingdom of God and the first law and principle of prosperity in the Kingdom of God is sowing and reaping. So if you are homeless or lack today then you need to make it your lifestyle of giving whatever you have and you will be added to. This is a spiritual law that produces in this natural world. So you will never eradicate poverty without the Kingdom principles and primarily the law of sowing and reaping and tithing and giving offerings.

This is why Jesus in Matthew 6 taught us the Kingdom of God and He told us to seek first the Kingdom of God and its way of doing things and all the things we need are added to us. Jesus taught this Kingdom of God and the operation of this Kingdom wherever He went and demonstrated this Kingdom when He multiplied the loaves and fish. He demonstrated it when Peter had toiled all night in this Babylonians system that requires you toiling and working for everything and he caught no fish. But Peter had enough sense after he heard the teaching of the Kingdom of God that Jesus had taught standing in his boat, that he threw in the net when Jesus told him to and he caught a net breaking, boat sinking load of fish and had to have the help of other fisherman from their boats. This was a demonstration of the Kingdom of God where you don’t toil but you obey what the Lord instructs. Your application of sowing and reaping and tithing and offerings should have demonstration with them and so just apply your faith and act on your faith.

I believe the only work that we do is find our Kingdom assignment and then we work to develop our God given gift, our God given potential and the Bible tells us that our gift will make room for us and bring us before great men. It will bring promotion that only God can give and prosperity is added to us.

Nimrod set up his Babylonian kingdom, run without the God factor, and we see it coming to its end in Revelations 16-18. Babylon means any system or government that operates without the God factor. You can see the destruction of this Babylon in Revelations 17-19. So this Babylonian system out here has an end because it operates without the God factor so we need to take heed.

So we need to seek first the Kingdom of God and all that we need is added to us. Now that takes hearing by the Spirit and that takes meditating the Word of God and then obeying what we are told to do. If you have just a penny today, give that because the amount is not so much important as is the obedience that counts. Then as the Lord instructs you give some more and more. The law of sowing and reaping will begin to increase you more and more. Now this is not something that you try and see if it works. No, you have to make this a lifestyle, a continual commitment. The farmer never plants one seed of corn and expects it to produce the rest of his life but he continues to sow and reap. Sowing and reaping is a lifestyle and let me tell you that I know it works. I continue to sow and give more and more as I hear the Lord because I know that I can’t live off of a government paycheck, social security check or anything else. These systems are broke. God’s system of sowing and reaping and tithing and offerings is the system to get on and stay on because of this Kingdom there will be no end.