Mammon or money is the god of this Babylonian world system. Babylonian means it runs without God.

Money and jobs are the anointing to prosper in this Babylonian world system that runs without God; but in the Kingdom of God The Blessing of the Lord is the greater anointing on believers to increase more and more without toil.

There is toiling for money in this world and everything you get but there is no toiling in the Kingdom for increase more and more. The only work for a believer is their Kingdom assignment which could be ministry, a business, a job and the believer’s provision comes with the assignment. The work of the believer is to develop their God given gifts, talents and potential. The believers serve their employers to bless them and in the process develop their gifts, talents, and potential and this makes their gifts, talents and potential greatly needed by the world, their boss, or their company. An employer is never to meet the needs of the believer because then they are taking the place of God in the believer’s life. The work of the believer is the same work as God at Creation when God used His faith and spoke things into being. The believer’s words of faith create what is needed as did God’s words at Creation.

Money makes you serve it and work all of your days for what you need, want, dream and desire. Money is what controls this world but it doesn’t control the believer because you don’t have to serve it to get your needs met. No, believers serve God through their assignment and use the principle of sowing seed and then all things they need are added to them. God never made any man to serve things but God created all things on this earth to serve mankind. We are not to serve money but we were created to serve God.

There are two masters in this world, mammon or money and God and every person has to choose which will be their master. Every person was created to have an over lord. Those outside the Kingdom have Satan as their over lord but those in the Kingdom have God as their over Lord.

The love of money is the root of all evil. The believer loves God above all else, so then God’s Kingdom life produces righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost.

Money talks and most of the time it threatens a person’s security if there is not enough. DO NOT ALLOW MONEY TO TALK TO YOU! Money and all shortage of money and shortage of provision talk and no believer can allow that because money talk only makes us want more money to meet our needs and shuts off The Blessing that truly makes us rich and has no sorrow or painful toil added to it. When we are money or provision minded, that’s when all creativity, all creative ideas go away from us. When money talks shortage then immediately the believer must talk back to money the promises of God of increase more and more.

Whether we have little money, lots of money or no money we must never allow money shortage, unpaid bills, debt, etc. to speak to us through our thoughts because God meets our needs with or without money and we need to declare that over all money in our hands. God has innumerable ways to get our needs, wants, desires, and dreams met. No one on this planet can say no to God when He wants to use them to bless us to pay our bills, pay our rent, pay off any debt, give a new car or house, etc.

“All I need is more money,” is what they say in this world but the truth for the believer is all we need to do is use our faith in the promises of God’s provision, for faith is the currency of Heaven.

The believer needs to continue to use their God given faith in operating the Kingdom laws of prosperity which includes sowing financial seeds or other seeds as directed by the Spirit and reaping what was needed and that means continual guidance of the Holy Spirit of what to sow, when to sow and where to sow. We can also rely on the Holy Spirit to show us where our harvests are like when Peter found the coin in the fish’s mouth to pay Jesus’ and his taxes (Matthew 17:24-27) and the Shunammite widow in debt but listened to God’s prophet when he told her to collect pots and fill with oil and sell it and she reaped a harvest of debt elimination. (2 Kings 4:1-38).

When a believer says, “All I need is more money,” then the believer has made money their god. When the believer thinks they need to work for more money for their provision then they have made money their god. Revelation of The Blessing of the Lord working for the believer to increase them causes the believer to see God and not money as their God. Whenever a believer worries and is anxious about not enough money then they have made money their god. A believer serves money whenever they can’t tithe and give offers when prompted by the Spirit because money looks short, and so then they have made money their provision and their god. A believer gets rid of that stronghold in their mind by meditating the scriptures on giving the tithe and sowing seed.

A believer can never say they are working for a living or their provision for all toil for provision is contrary to the New Covenant provision and the redemptive work of Christ that restored us back to the Garden where there was no toil for provision and never a thought about provision being met. If we work for money for provision then we have canceled out the promise of the Lord to give us the power to get wealth, found in Deuteronomy 8:18, and we are getting our provision by the might of our own hands and there will always be shortage.

Jesus never worried about money. When He had to feed the multitudes He knew exactly what He would do and He fed the multitude without money. The disciples talked about working for wages for the provision but not Jesus. When He sent His disciples out on a mission trip without provision He didn’t worry about their provision and they came back and told Him they lacked for nothing the whole mission trip. Jesus taught and demonstrated the Kingdom provision without toil. Jesus was bring back the Garden provision that all came from Heaven.

Declaration over money: Money, I am putting you in the right place in my heart. Money, you are not my god, my love, my source of supply, and you will not dominate my thought life because God is my God, my life, my only Source of Supply and my heart is fixed established trusting in Him and not money. I serve God and not money. I will not give my time to working for money, for I have my Kingdom assignment that comes with Kingdom provision. Money, you will work for me! Money, you will serve me! God’s Kingdom economy is my economy so that wherever I am in this world I have more than enough because there is a redemptive wall that separates me from the world’s failing economy. Money, God never intended for me to bear the weight of my own provision and so whether I have little money, no money or lots of money I will not put my trust in money and work for money to meet my needs! Money, you will not cause my heart to fear using my faith for what I need, want, desire and dream for faith is the currency of Heaven and the way my needs, wants desires and dreams will all be met.

Satan uses this tangible money supply to cause believers to trust in money so that the believer can’t trust God and have faith in Christ’s redemptive work and His Kingdom providing for them where faith is the currency. Money and everything of this world system tries to make Christ’s redemptive work look powerless to help pay bills and meet needs; and makes a job, salary, paycheck, social security, etc. look like the only way possible to pay bills and buy things in the earth. The way to get a believer’s needs met is they seek first the Kingdom of God by seeking God’s thoughts and God’s ways to guaranteed provision before they seek a job and money. All of this makes no natural sense but we are not of the natural but we are supernatural. Adam fell to this low estate of naturally getting provision but Jesus’ redemptive work puts us back in the Garden, living out of Heaven here and now where all of our needs are met by Heaven’s open door to its supernatural provision and supply.

Every believer has been translated out of the kingdom of darkness and translated into the Kingdom of God’s dear Son. The kingdom of darkness operates through buying and selling, money supplies and working for everything but the Kingdom of God operates by sowing or giving a financial seed and reaping or receiving what was needed. Sowing and reaping are God’s way of thinking and God’s way to receiving more and more instead of toiling in order to get more and more. This looks and sounds ridiculous to the carnal, natural mind but God’s ways are higher than mere man’s ways and God’s thoughts are higher than mere man’s thinking.

It is good to allow the Holy Spirit to speak to your spirit what to speak to money so that money decreases in value in your heart and mind, decreases importance in your life so that faith will become more valuable and important to you, decreases money’s value to you so that you don’t worry about money and instead desire to use your faith and start using your faith.

If we can believe faith is our currency of Heaven to get us our provision then we can have all that we dream, desire, want and need even without the money thing. How is that possible to believe such a thing? We have the faith of God that is fed and nourished by the Word of God and the Spirit of God who lives inside of us. We are the very tabernacle of God. So we feed our faith by meditating the Word promises to us and listening to the Spirit of God what He is speaking to us and we will then starve every single doubt, unbelief and all that would worry us. With the Word and the Spirit Jesus believed and operated and got provision without money and so can you. Faith will manifest everything we dream, desire, want and need as the grace of God causes us to enter into a supernatural rest which allows faith to work. This is the formula of Heaven to receive everything Heaven wants to manifest in our lives. So feed your spirit the Word promises and at the prompting of the Spirit speak and act and enter into the rest that Jesus told us about, “Come unto me all who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest.” So Jesus gives you rest as you enter into faith that overcomes this world every single day you are in it.

Make your list of what you dream, desire, want and need. Find the Word of God that promises you this provision and continually, daily feed your faith with that promise by meditation and at the right time the Spirit of God will prompt you to speak out the Word or prompt you to put action to your faith and then allow that same Spirit and Word give you rest by the grace of God. This is how you keep money in the right place in your heart and mind and keep God as your God and Source and Supply and keep faith working and bringing to you your provision from Heaven. This is how I have worked it over the years and now share it with you.

Abundant grace is what I speak over everyone of you today so that you enter into the rest of the Lord and receive your every provision from Heaven.