I want to share with you what the Lord spoke to me concerning the facts in life and the Truth and what are facts and what is truth. If we are ever going to live by faith and get faith and Heaven’s results then we have to know the Truth and not let facts talk us out of the Truth.

The Lord spoke to me and said,

• “It is time my people get it straight which are facts and which is Truth. I will never tell you the facts but only the Truth. The doctor’s report, the symptoms, the paycheck, the checkbook, the bank statement, and the debt will tell you the facts but you must come up to the higher realm, the higher reality of the Spirit and the Word to get rid of the facts. Ye shall know the Truth and the Truth and not the facts is going to set you free from all the facts.
• The Truth is the Sword of the Spirit that cuts the facts of shortage of finances out of your life and symptoms of sickness and disease out of your body. The Truth is the Hammer to break all facts of most stubborn resistance into powder and they are blown away!
• I will never tell you the facts because they lie against Me and the Truth.
• My people would never intend to deny me but considering and accepting the facts; you will deny me because you denied the Truth, the Word, the Promise. So the Truth is by Jesus’ stripes ye were healed before the foundation of the world. Debt, the Truth is you owe no man anything but to love him. Seedtime and harvest, the Truth is you will give and it will be given unto you good, measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over shall men give into your bosom.
• Why bad things happen to good people is the choice they make of either the Truth or the facts. It is a daily choice of Truth or facts.
• Then use the Truth of the authority of the believer and run that demon off and rip that lying symptom out of the body. The authority of the believer brings my presence and runs off the demonic and with them go the lying symptoms. The authority in Jesus’ Name, the authority of the Word of God remove the pain, destroy the facts and lying symptoms and force the demonic to leave because the angels hearken to the voice of the Word of authority, the Word of God, the Word of Truth.
• And there you have it, the Truth that brings forth higher reality of the Spirit and the Word. And the Word and the Spirit never, ever tell you the natural facts, figures, lying symptoms that are always lie against the Truth and the Redemptive Work of Christ. You want to know the Truth? The facts will always discredit the Redemptive Work of Christ! Always! Because the facts are what the First Man Adam passed down to all mankind but the Truth came by the Last Man Adam Jesus.”

I will tell you the Truth at God’s Word Alive and the Truth will set you free of all the facts! You have to get it straight what are facts and what is the Truth about you. There is a way that seemeth right unto man but the end is the way of death. The facts or the Truth, which will you choose? The Word and the Spirit or the word of the flesh, mere mankind? I have shared with you the Truth and I am praying you choose Truth over the facts and that you share this with other brothers and sisters in Christ so they too can know the Truth and now they also can choose the Truth that sets them free of all Jesus redeemed them from.

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