I want to remind you of the words Isaiah the prophet spoke to king Hezekiah when he was threatened by another king so that when you are threatened by thoughts that put pressure on you to fear and be anxious and make you feel helpless and hopeless you will have something to stop all of that.

Isaiah 37:6,7 And Isaiah said unto them, Thus shall ye say unto your master, Thus saith the LORD, Be not afraid of the words that thou hast heard, wherewith the servants of the king of Assyria have blasphemed me. 7 Behold, I will send a blast upon him, and he shall hear a rumor, and return to his own land; and I will cause him to fall by the sword in his own land.

So king Hezekiah didn’t believe the threatening words of king of Assyria and God did just what He said He would do and the king of Assyria perished. And not only that but the Angel of the Lord took care of his army, read it.

Isaiah 37:36 Then the angel of the LORD went forth, and smote in the camp of the Assyrians a hundred and fourscore and five thousand: and when they arose early in the morning, behold, they were all dead corpses. KJV

So if you don’t believe the negative, fear filled, threatening voices of people in this world out here and negative thoughts speaking to you then God and how ever many angels you need to assist you, they will see to it that these threats do not materialize in your life as well.

So how many negative things are speaking to you through your thoughts? Is lack of money speaking to you, “There is not enough money to pay the bills,” or “You’re going to get evicted,” or “At the end of the month there just isn’t ever enough to go around.” Is the job situation speaking to you, “I will never get a good paying job.” or “The co-worker got laid off and I’m going to be the next to go.” Is Social Security talking to you every month? “I’m on a fixed income.” And is that Social Security check speaking to you because there is more month than money and you are anxious until the next Social Security check arrives? What is speaking to you in this world, good or bad? Is the TV talking to you and telling you that if you have these symptoms you definitely have rheumatoid arthritis or some disease, or “You are older now and you can expect …so you got to take this medication and you definitely got to have this insurance.” Or you might hear the commercial, “You got to have this new bathtub so that you can get in it more easily as you get older.” “You got to have this motor scooter and with Medicare or Medicaid you can have it free.” It’s a never ending process of things in this world speaking negative things to us to make us think and act like a mere man/woman who is in this world without any supernatural assistance. This world is fear based and operates by putting fear pressure on those who rely on it.

Not too long ago the Lord spoke to me about the fear in this world. He told me that daily we are contaminated by the negative conversations and speaking that release fear, anxiety, worry and pressure on those who will listen and believe what was spoken is truth. He told me we must get rid of all of this world’s fear contamination and the first way to get rid of this fear contamination is getting into His Presence so that His love that casts out all fear can wash our souls, which is our thoughts, wills, emotions, feelings and imagination. He also said that we must get into the Word of God and meditate every day the scriptures that speak of His Kingdom which produces righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost. The Word will wash our souls as well of all contamination. We must obey the Lord and do this or we will be overtaken with the fear and the pressure of this world that the demonic use to cut us off from hearing the voice of the Lord giving us divine direction in any given situation. Fear cuts us off from hearing God and we need to know that and not be angry because we think God is not speaking to us. God is not our problem. We are the problem because we cut Him off by allowing fear to come to us as we have listened to the threats of this world verbally or through negative, pressure building thought patterns.

Jesus also experienced negative people, Satan, demons and negative things speaking to Him. The hurricane storm threatened to kill Jesus and His disciples when they were out on the lake in a boat but Jesus, just like we should do, used His spiritual authority and commanded peace and there was peace. Jesus was given promise of Satan that if He would bow down and worship him he would give Him all of this world kingdom of his, and just like we should do when we are led into compromising by this world system to get what they promise us, Jesus spoke back to Satan the Word of God and the devil took off! Don’t you know the symptoms on the bodies that Jesus healed spoke to Him just like the lying symptoms speak to us and tell us it will never go away but Jesus spoke back and said, “Rise, take up thy bed and walk,” and the lying symptoms went away because Jesus spoke in authority and told them to leave! Jesus never allowed death to speak to Him when His friend Lazarus had been in the grave for 3 days but He spoke to Lazarus and He told Lazarus to come forth! And Jesus never allowed the sneers and people laughing at Him speak to Him that Jairus’ daughter was already dead but Jesus immediately spoke plainly to the unbelieving relatives that she was sleeping and He put them and their negative mouths out of the room and raised her from the dead! Jesus never listened to the demons that didn’t want to come out of a person but He instead spoke to them and told them, “Be quiet and come out of him!” and they had to obey him! Jesus never listened to His carnal minded disciples when they wanted to send the multitude away to get some food but He instead demonstrated to them the Kingdom and gave them instruction and blessed the food and the food multiplied to feed them all with more left over. So not enough got eliminated when Jesus opened His mouth and blessed the food that increased enough to have leftovers. Jesus wasn’t afraid to send His disciples out on the mission field with nothing but the clothes on their back and the shoes on their feet because He had already taught them Kingdom provision goes with every Kingdom assignment. When they returned Jesus ask them, (My own wording.) “How was it boys?” They told Jesus they lacked for nothing. All because they didn’t allow lack of provision talk them out of their Kingdom mission trip that goes with provision.

The same voices are speaking to the Church today; negative people in the media and everywhere we go, demons, negative situations, lack of provision on mission field, sickness and disease, death by accidents or sickness and disease, the weather and even brothers and sisters in Christ who never have learned that the power of life and death are in the power of the tongue. So we need to daily get in the Presence of Love Himself just like Jesus did and use His Word to be cleansed of all of this negativity and fear and pressures of this world.

Jesus responded to the negative and religious people, Satan, demons and things that spoke fear, failure, harm, and shortage to Him and Jesus spoke the Truth and shut them all up! Everything Satan spoke to Jesus He replied with the Word of God and the devil left! Jesus was the Sample Son for us to follow in every way and especially when we encounter all the negative voices that speak to us every day including our thoughts. Jesus knew this would keep Him in faith and keep Him connected to the Father and hearing His voice and it will keep us in faith and keep us connected as well.

Did Jesus have money speak to Him? Of course He did. Jesus was tested in everything like as we are yet without sin or without yield to the pressure of money or any other pressures of this world. This is why Jesus taught the Kingdom of God everywhere He went. He wanted people to learn to live outside of this temporal realm by using the Kingdom principles of finances, health, business, government, relationship, etc. and get divine results instead.

There are negative facts staring us in the face every day while in this world but there is the higher Truth of the Kingdom that we need to reinforce in our thinking and speech at all times and the best time to reinforce them is when a negative situation or circumstance arises and starts speaking to us; we need to immediately speak back to it the Truth of God’s Word about us in that situation. Allowing these negative voices speak to us and not responding with the Word of Truth about us empowers these things in our minds along with the pressure of them and as well releases negative results in our lives. This is why I say that bad things happen to good people. The good people just don’t know they must respond to all the negativity in this world with the Word of Truth whether it come by a thought or was spoken verbally.

Remember what the Word of God tells us, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” So that’s the very reason why we can’t have things speaking to us and not respond with the Truth because if we don’t respond then we will start believing it and believing results in action on what we believe and of course our actions of belief produce those results. Christians no longer can allow themselves to hear all this verbal negativity and meditate on negative thought patterns and not speak back! That is if we want what the Word promised us and what Jesus provided for us through His finished work. Now if we want more of the lack and failure the world is experiencing then we can act and talk just like they do and listen to all that bad news out there so that it floods our hearts and minds with fear. Every Christian must make the choice or as I said, no response to this negativity is why bad things happen to good people, good Christians.

Remember what the Lord told Hezekiah in our opening scripture? “Be not afraid of the words that thou has heard,” and God took care of Hezekiah’s enemies just like He said He would because Hezekiah would not allow threatening words keep Him from hearing from God; which again was another point I made that staying in faith allows us to hear the Lord’s voice and fear cuts us off from hearing His voice and knowing what to do in any given situation.

Fearlessness, which is faith, is how we overcome this world. This practice of talking back to all voices and thoughts that threaten us and pressure us will keep our faith in tact and also remove all frustration of all impossibilities in our lives. This is how good things happen to Christians because we are acting just like Jesus the Sample Son.

Keep guarding your heart of faith by speaking back to all voices of fear and negativity.