There are many in the Church today who are relying on doctors, medicine, a doctor’s diagnosis, medical technology and such and they don’t realize how far they have gone to trusting in the world system and left trusting in God and His Kingdom healthcare. So the reason I write this blog by the Spirit of God is to help the Church get back on track with using their faith in God and His Word and to restore their faith in the reality of supernatural healing and Divine health stolen by modern technology. Jesus told us in Matthew 6 that when you depend on this world system then you will despise the things of God and I see it in the health care benefits of this world that have caused the Church to have little to no faith in God for their healing and health and to despise using any faith for their healing and health and even afraid to trust God for healing. When Christians’ first thoughts are to go to a doctor and get some medication or go to the hospital then we can see where their faith is. We can all develop our faith that the first thing we think about is the Lord and His Word which the Bible tells us is our medicine. So let’s just get started and just see what those healed in the Bible would tell the Church of today.

The Woman With The Issue of Blood: Do you remember the woman who suffered with the issue of blood for many years and had spent all she had to get better but the doctors could not help her? What did she do? She came to Jesus. This woman had this issue of blood for a long time. It looked like it never would be stopped. I am sure the doctors told her that she just had to live with it or some negative words that gave her no hope. Now this woman with the issue of blood, what did she end up doing after she had gone to all the doctors and taken all of their advice and remedies and got nothing better? She used her faith. Now that’s what she would tell the Church today to use their faith and go to Jesus. This woman so believed that she could touch Jesus’ garment and be healed and she took a risk of being stoned. She would tell the Church that faith in God will seem like a risk, a risk of experiencing failure but the truth is you won’t see any risk in using your faith after you meditate the Word that already guarantees your healing and divine health. The Word and the Spirit eliminate all thoughts of feeling and thinking there is a risk in trusting God for this or that health issue. This woman was so intoxicated with her faith in Jesus to heal her as she touched His garment that she just pushed through the crowed and touch His garment and was healed immediately, immediately her issue of blood was stopped. This woman with the issue of blood would tell the Church of today, “I tried just like you the world’s way and it cost me all the money I had and then I found Jesus and He healed and made me whole. I never had to go back to the doctors and medicine! I would tell the Church, use your faith. That’s what I used, just plain old crazy, child like faith that just trusts God and knows there is no risk in trusting God and His Word.”

Man With Epileptic Son: Jesus never told the man who had the epileptic son to just have more faith in the doctors and everything is going to be all right. No, Jesus said, “If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.” Jesus didn’t say all things are possible if you believe in doctors and medicine and modern technology. Why? Because it is those very things that have caused the Church to not believe for miracles and experience miracles. This man needed help to believe because he told Jesus, “I believe; help thou mine unbelief.” This man was more honest then the Church today. He believed but he admitted he had unbelief. That man would tell the Church, “Just be honest with the Lord and tell Him I believe but help my unbelief. Help me Jesus!” Jesus would tell the Church today that like this man, “With men (with you and doctors and modern technology) it is impossible but with God all things are possible and all things are possible to them that believe.” The man would tell the Church he believed Jesus would do the impossible and He did it and that now the Church needs to believe Jesus to do the impossible and He will do it for you.

The Man at the Pool of Bethesda: Remember this man had been crippled for 38 years and looked for someone to help him but Jesus came and out of all the people there He made this man to walk again. What would this man tell the Church today? I believe this man would ask the Church if they wanted to be made well? That’s what Jesus asked him. I believe he also would tell us not to be stupid like he was and answer that question complaining to the Lord there is no one to help us when Help is staring us in the face. I believe he would tells us to get out of our religious thinking that God heals some and doesn’t heal others because you are always going to be the one that God doesn’t want to heal. Don’t believe that God says yes to some and no to others to heal them because you will also believe God is saying no to you. He would tell us to remember what Jesus told me and many others He ministered to, “Arise and take up your bed and walk and that means you cannot rely on your natural senses to determine whether you can get out of that wheelchair just like when I paid no attention to my body and I took up my bed and I started walking. I had been in that chair for 38 years. You must give no attention to your body and your natural mind. Just get up and walk or do what you could not do before because Jesus is telling you just as He did me to do what I could not do.

Jesus & His Disciples and the Apostles Response to Those Healed: Jesus, we must remember, came for the very purpose to restore back to the Church everything that the enemy had stolen including divine healing and health. We see it all through the ministry of Jesus and He never refused to heal anyone but many refused His healing even in His own hometown. This we find in the Church today when they refuse to use faith in Jesus today to heal them and go to the world for mere headaches to cancer.

You know, I never read one time in the New Testament where Jesus nor any of His disciples and later the apostles ever told people to go to the doctor and have it checked out and see what the doctor finds and then we can pray about it. They never told the people to continue to take the medicine because that’s only wisdom which I hear from Christians today. Jesus never did tell the people God gave us medicine and doctors and so you need to use doctors. If Jesus was in the flesh and He was today ministering healing and doing miracles on the earth do you think Jesus would tell the people who came to Him that now they have the health insurance to cover any health issues and they might as well just go and use it and have this thing checked out? Of course not. That is all programmed into the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ by this world system that operates by educated minds of dark knowledge of mere men and who can never understand spiritual truth or spiritual revelation of God healing and miracles.

Do you realize that Jesus never told a person He ministered healing and miracles to, to go to a doctor and get some medication or still take their medicine after he prayed for them? Jesus nor His disciples never told one person to not do anything until they saw their doctor. That’s ludicrous. Do you realize that none of Jesus’ disciples ever told anyone they ministered healing to, to go to a doctor and get some medicine and be sure and take their medicine as the doctor told them? Do you realize that nowhere in the Bible did God ever say to go to a doctor? Nor did God say get some medicine? It’s not recorded God told anyone to go and get professional advice. So why would Jesus, His disciples today and the Word of God tell Christians to do these things? The reason the Church is so dependent on this world is because we have become like the world, not depending on God but man.

Why would people want to go and use their health insurance and go to a doctor when the Healer Jesus is right there staring them in the face and the power of God is present to heal them? They would want to do this because again the programming of this world today has given us all this medical technology and insurance so that we don’t have to use faith and we would have to use faith to receive from Jesus. Most of the Church today would be just like the people in Jesus’ hometown that refused healing when the Healer is was present and the power to heal them. It all boils down to the Church’s programming by this world that has taken away our faith in God and replaced it with modern conveniences, modern so called wisdom, modern healthcare insurance that leaves God no way to do miracles and healing.

Jesus is right here right now wherever we are, the Healer and the power of God to heal is right here now at this present time you read this blog to heal and produce supernatural miracles.

What would the woman with the issue of blood tell the Church today? I believe she would tell us that we should not depend on doctors and all this modern technology and health insurance and remember nothing is impossible even if you have a condition for many years and even when the doctors tell you there’s nothing they can do. She would tell us but just get in faith and start saying, “With my faith I receive the healing power of God in my body right now and my body is now made whole.” What would Mother Mary say to the Church today? I believe she would tell the Church to not depend on doctors and the word of a doctor but be it unto you according to the Word of God; for God has sent the Word (Jesus) who I birthed in this earth and healed you and delivered you from your destruction. What would the man say to the Church today whose son was healed of epilepsy after many years of being tormented of a demon? I believe he would tell us that with God there is nothing impossible even after suffering many years and be it unto you according to your faith. What would all the crowds who followed Jesus say to the Church today? I believe they would remind us of what the Bible tells us that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever and He heals them all and the only qualifier to be healed and made whole is believe and receive His healing virtue. What would James who wrote the Book of James tell the Church today? Would he tell them when they experience the first pain or have symptoms on their body to immediately go to the phone and call the doctor or go to the medicine cabinet or go to the hospital or Quick Care? No, I believe he would still tell the Church today what he wrote in the Book of James to the Church at that time,

James 5:13-15 Is any among you afflicted? let him pray. Is any merry? let him sing psalms. 14 Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord: 15 And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up; and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him. KJV

I think the Church would argue with James about that just like they do with me and say, “But James, God gave us doctors and medicine.” It’s been indoctrinated in the Church so much that they think it is in the Bible and discount the scripture of James 5 and others.

What would Jesus tell the Church today? The same Great Commission He gave to the Church when He left this earth:

Mark 16:17-18 And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; 18 They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover. KJV

Jesus still expects the Church to go everywhere and cast out the demons that are behind all sickness and disease and lay hands on the sick and they will recover. Signs, wonders and miracles are the calling card for the world. There is no other religion that has the signs and miracles that follow every believer. God wants the Church to still lay hands on the sick and anoint with oil and pray the prayer of faith that saves the sick and that results in healings and miracles.

I think we are depending on mere men in the Church because we have not been taught and have very few that will step out in faith and belief for God’s divine healing and health. The devil has gotten the Church so afraid to walk by faith in their healing and health because they might fail and die but that is the very scare tactic that keeps the Church from faith in God and seeing true miracles.

So what would God tell the Church today? I believe God would remind the Church of His Son’s redemptive work that the Church has failed to preach and believe and receive instead of believing so much in the work of mere humans to heal them. I believe He would not tell us to go to the doctor because he would be devaluing the finished work of Christ that already has healed our bodies and made them whole. He would tell us that He sent His Word (Jesus) and healed us and delivered us from our destruction of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, strokes, and all the incurable sickness and disease in the world today. He would tell us Jesus is the same today and heals them all. He would tell us again that His Word is healing and health and medicine to all of our flesh. He would tell the Church to be not afraid but only believe.

Do you know that you can cast out a devil but you can’t cast out unbelief? Logic and reasoning have diminished and devalued the redemptive work of Christ and unbelief has set in so that there are just a few if any miracles in the Church. Unbelief can only be removed by only one way and that is to teach the Word of God. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God, the Word of Divine healing and Divine Health. This is how it worked in my own life and created faith in God and His Word to where my family and I have no faith in doctors, medicine and such. So that’s why I share these truths with you that are according to the Word of God so that you no longer trust in yourself and others for your healthcare and healing.

The Church has been hoodwinked into this modern world system of health care when we have our own Kingdom healthcare system. Matter of fact we have been hoodwinked into a lot of things that are not Bible by this Babylonian system, a system that runs without the God factor and we just don’t know it.

So the choice is yours Christians, who you are going to trust in, God or the world system? You can’t mix your faith and trust. God told us we can have no other God but Him and we have made the world system a god.

I know I might offend some of you but the truth is that it is the Word that I shared with you that has offended you. My intent is not to offend you but to tell you truth that will set you free from trusting in this world system that if you keep using, there will come a day when they will tell you there is nothing more they can do for you or like that woman with the issue of blood you can no longer receive assistance from them because you don’t have the money they demand. So I am praying you switch systems right today and ask for the Lord’s grace to help you make the switch and help you receive His healthcare Jesus paid for you to receive.