Are there any areas in your life that after you have prayed, after you have confessed the Word of God that every time you think of it there arises in your heart some uneasiness, discomfort, or a bad feeling?  This is a check in your heart for you to recognize that this area has not been covered fully.  You have already prayed and believed that you had received it and may have confessed the Word a few times but it just needs something more.  I believe this is an indication that we just need to spend time with the Lord and more than anything JUST LISTEN AND OBEY and it also could mean you just need some MORE WORD YOU PUT ON IT.

The Spirit and the Word, the Spirit and the Word, the Spirit and the Word is what the Lord keeps telling me is how we must live from here on out. The Spirit will tell us what is needed to fight this fight of faith for every Christians and the Word will energize our faith so that we know as the Bible tells us, we are more than a conqueror.

Do you feel more than a conqueror?  Then you just need the Spirit and the Word!  Otherwise pretty soon we will cave in to the feelings and pressures and cave in to the chatter, chatter in our heads and the circumstances that plainly show us just the opposite of our victory by the Spirit and the Word.

We have to remember we are in a faith fight and our fight is always with the assistance of the Spirit of God and the Word!  The battle is the Lord’s and the Word is the Sword of the Spirit.  We fight with this Word!   We use the Sword of the Spirit and the Spirit of God gives us the strategies of the spirit to send the enemy off running and supernaturally turn things in the natural.

Remember the wall of Jericho that came tumbling down?  They had to listen to the Lord and do what He said before that wall come rumbling and tumbling down!  This was impossible!  This wall was wide enough they ran chariots on it!  But this wall came down by the instruction of the Lord and Israel’s obedience!  He told us to call on Him and He would tell us of things hidden that we did not see, perceive and understand.  So He’s not hiding things from us but for us to uncover in His presence.

Jesus told the devil himself that man shall not live by bread alone but by every Word that proceeds from the mouth of God and after Jesus had used the Word enough on the devil that day the Bible tells us Satan departed.  The devil had just had enough of the Word!  He can’t stand the Word for that Sword is jabbing him!

I recognized some of these same feelings in my spirit about some things in my own life but once I began again applying the Word to that area then the Word energized my faith and that uneasiness or discomfort in my spirit left.  That’s the power of getting the right Word for the right situation and then using it as a weapon.  I’m telling you, using this Word that I got once again to cover this thing, the Word left me with energized faith and the uneasiness, the discomfort, whatever it was just left!

The Lord brought this to my own attention for things that brought up a bad feeling in my mind and spirit.  So He was telling me this thing has to be dealt with and it has to be dealt with by the Word of God.  There are thousands of promises in God’s Word and so there is not one thing in our lives the Word of God can’t fix!  Glory!  Hallelujah!  That sure is a comfort since naturally these things cannot be fixed, wouldn’t you agree?  Obeying the Lord in this I found that every time I speak the Word over that situation I would gain strength, what was that strength?  Faith strength.  Faith had taken over!  Hope was resurrected in my spirit and soul because this Word that God speaks is ALIVE and FULL OF POWER!  It’s a LIVING thing.  We are speaking resurrection life Word to things!

Being discerning of these negative feelings we now know that this is an indication to us that we just need to  get with the Holy Spirit and pay attention what He is telling us and be prompt to obey and get back immediately to using the Sword of the Spirit, the Word that gives us the victory!

We have to stay with the Word, feed on it daily and use it daily just as often as we feed our bodies if necessary.  No food means little physical strength.  No Word means little spiritual strength. But once we feed on the Word by meditation then faith is energized!  Because the Word of God is ALIVE and FULL OF POWER!

We just need a life of the Spirit and the Word, Spirit and the Word, Spirit and the Word.  This is how we really begin to trust the Lord and continue to trust His love and faithful care for us.  Fear is not cast out by faith but fear is cast out by the perfected love of God revealed to us.

Soak every day in the presence of the Lord and soak in His love for you and soak in His Word that is full of the revelation of God’s love for you and His hope that gives you all the hope you need in this world.

God can’t stop loving you and caring for you because He is love. He will never stop loving you, loving you and loving you more and more.  The nature of God is love, unconditional love for you.  How do I know God will never stop loving you?  Here is the simple answer and the only answer to that question, BECAUSE GOD IS LOVE ITSELF!  GOD IS LOVE!  LOVE IS GOD!

So cast way that uneasiness, all discomfort in your heart and soul as you soak in His presence, soak in His love and soak in the Word of God that is able to destroy all that is not of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost.  And watch your faith be energized to where  you know that you know that you know there is no way you can fail, no way you are taking a risk, no way you can be overcome!