Impossible is a word people of faith have no respect for because our faith is what makes everything that seems impossible possible.

The Bible is filled with people who faced impossible situations that became possible.  David came face to face with an impossibility, the giant Goliath who taunted the army of Israel every morning and every evening for 40 days; but David slew the giant and cut off his head.  Moses and the children of Israel came to the Red Sea with Pharaoh and his army right on their heels; but then the Red Sea opened up for them to make their escape.

What about you?  Have you faced some giant impossibilities that threaten you each day?  Have you encountered the enemy ready to overtake you with no possibility of you escaping?

Our Lord Jesus faced impossible situations when He was on this earth but He too had no respect for the impossible and using HIs faith destroyed all those impossibilities.  It’s important to remember Jesus’ life on earth was as the Son of Man and not as the Son of God so He would be our Example of how to deal with the impossible.  He taught His disciples about the impossible becoming possible and demonstrated to them the impossible becoming possible.  They too later had no respect for the impossible and they too by faith experienced impossibilities becoming possible. So what did He tell them that made such a difference in their faith for the impossible becoming possible?  Here is some of what He told HIs disciples:

Luke 18:27 And he said, The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.

Mark 9:23 Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth. KJV

Now for you and I to experience the impossible becoming possible we have to remember these two scriptures.  They are what I call the foundation scriptures for the impossible becoming possible because they are the very words Jesus spoke to let us all know that all things are possible.

Now I am sure you know what impossible means but I just want to make clear in your mind by definition that impossible means you are incapable of doing this thing or having this thing and so forth because what makes the impossible possible is recognizing first of all that you can’t do anything about this impossibility in your life.  So here is my definition of the word impossible: “incapable of occurring, being done, attained or accomplished, insuperably difficult”.  Some synonyms of “impossible” are hopeless, insoluble, insolvable, unattainable, and unrealizable.

So now in your faith walk have you ever encountered some impossibilities?  I am talking about things that naturally you have no way of realizing, attaining or changing yourself? Have impossibilities ever frustrated you?  Have you ever reached the place where you feel this thing is hopeless?  If you answer “yes” to any of these then I want to share some thing with you that I have done in my own life for the impossibles that has given me great hope and has kept frustration and hopelessness from taking over my mind and heart.

First of all the Bible tells us in Galatians 6:9 to not let ourselves lose heart and grow weary and faint and we know impossibles can cause us to lose heart, grow weary and faint in our heart and our faith.

I am sure you would ask me, “Jane, how do I take “impossible” out of my life? How do I not lose heart and grow weary and keep from fainting with impossibilities looking me right in the face every day?”

Now if you take off the “im” of this word “impossible” then you have “possible”.  This “im” we could say stands for I’m and this has to be removed because this is key to making the impossible possible and I will show you what I mean.

First of all you must realize that impossibles can become possible only if you realize that I’m or I am or you have no way of making these impossibles possible yourself and that only the LORD God Jehovah makes impossibilities possible.  This is major if you want to see the possible!

Back in March I was led by the Spirit of God to release all of the impossibles in my life to the Lord and this act of faith has caused my faith to soar and has released the frustration of these impossibles and I have already seen three of these impossibles become possible. I have shared this obedient act with my friends and even one of the mayors we pray with and when I told them what I had done and what it has done for my faith they wanted to make their own list and wanted me to share with you about my impossible list.

What I did was I took some time to write out a list of impossible things in my life, things impossible for me to do anything about.  Then what I did with that list has eliminated all frustration that had at times tried to steal my faith for these to become possible.  Oh yes, I had written them before on a list but this time I did something different with this list.  This time I took this whole “Impossible List” to the Lord and I gave all of these impossibles to Him.  I told Him, “Lord, all of these impossibles on this impossible list I can do nothing to make them possible.”  That was a major part of this process let me tell you!  Then I told the Lord, “Father, I know you do the impossible and so I now give this Impossible List to you because only you can make all of these things, everyone of these things come to pass.”  I even laughed about it when I gave it to Him and I still laugh that I can do nothing about these things and that He has been given the list. Just a side note, husbands are given a “honey do list” and you know what?  God is our Husband and He loves us and enjoys doing His own “honey do list”.  I want you to know that two impossibles listed on that impossible list are two things that some family members have called impossible and have laughed at my husband and me for even thinking that these things are possible.  I mean to tell you these impossibilities on my list are beyond what you would even dare believe or ask or think becoming possible but again Jesus tells you and me,

Mark 10:27 With men (that’s you and me) it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible. KJV

So all things are possible to them that believe with God all things are possible.

This scripture in Mark 10:27 was the inspiration for me writing out this “Impossible List” and giving all of them to the Lord.

Now every morning before I start my day and every night before I go to sleep I go over this list.  Not to ask the Lord to answer my prayer for these things, not asking Him to do something about these things but instead I just take that list and laugh at the list of impossibilities and thank Him for taking these impossibles when I gave them to Him and thank Him that I know they are already taken care of.

I mean, I have laughed but not a fake laugh but a laugh comes up in me that is of my spirit man. Even this impossible that my family has laughed at Wayne and me about.  I just laugh and declare, “Wayne and I have the last laugh about these two impossibles.”

Now I rejoice because really all of these things are already done.  What do I mean?  The Bible tells us that Father God provided the needs of Jesus even as a child.  And then before God created Adam and Eve in the Garden He first placed there everything Adam and Eve would ever need, want and desire.  So now I know this is the nature of Father and I know He does not treat me any differently than Jesus and Adam and Eve.  Now how do I know that?  Because the Bible tells me,

Ephesians 1:3-4 Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ:4 According as he hath chosen us in him before the foundation of the world, KJV

So this scripture tells me, assures me that Father God before the foundation of the world prepared everything in my life that I would ever need, want and desire, even the impossible things becoming possible.  So this scripture created even more faith in me that all these impossibles are already done.  They aren’t going to be done but they are done already so now I can laugh and give thanks when I go to Him.  And that’s what I do, laugh and give thanks, laugh and give thanks, laugh and give thanks.  I believe He also laughs with me.  I know these possibilities are already stored up for me in the eternal realm with my name on them.  Now I use faith, it’s the currency of Heaven, you know, and is the substance of these possibilities I hope for and is making them manifest in the earth for me.  When I go over the list and give thanks to the Lord then I always finish with something like this.  “Now let faith, the anointing, the glory go to work and make these possibilities manifested in the earth.”  Now the pressure is not on me but I have now given faith the work to manifest them.

I have already seen three impossibilities on the list become possible.  One of them required the Lord to connect two people to get the thing done.  I could never have figured out how God would do it but He made the connection and it is done.  This thing last year tried to bring frustration to me many times but now I am rejoicing that God cared about this impossibility becoming possible and made this connection. Actually as I told you before He already did this before the foundation of the world.  So remember that when you make your list.  This is quite a faith builder to know He already has made the impossibilities possible, even before I made the list and you make your list.

Father’s got the possibilities you need already stored in Heaven, the eternal realm for you and you just grab hold of them with your faith.  It’s not magic but it is the supernatural intervention of a loving Heavenly Father who cares enough to make your impossibilities possible.

So I hope everyone who reads this blog will make your “Impossible List”.  This is faith building let me tell you.  Then acknowledge to the Lord God Jehovah that you cannot possibly make any of these things possible.  Really emphasize this so that your mind and heart and the situation and the enemy hear you say this.  This is a powerful confession of faith.  Then tell the Lord God Jehovah that you are giving all these impossibilities to Him for Him to make possible.  Acknowledge to Him that you know for you He has already made these possible before the foundation of the world.  Then declare, “By faith I take these possibilities that are already mine.”  It would also be good to render the enemy powerless to try to stop these from manifesting and ask the Lord for the angels to go and assist you in your receiving them.  I really encourage you to go over the list each morning as you start your day and then each evening before you go to sleep.  Not asking the Lord for them because you have already received them in the initial time you gave the Lord the list of your impossibilities; but now just give thanks and laugh and search out of your spirit what else you would say or do.  This is just plain fun living by faith and seeing the Lord do the impossible for you.

The Book of Acts is still being written with our testimonies of impossibilities becoming possible, our own stories of the destruction of giants in our own lives and the Lord God Jehovah destroying our enemy at our own Red Sea.

Please be sure and let me know your testimonies of your own impossibilities becoming possible.