Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I want you to understand very clearly that the favor of God is a part of your spiritual inheritance.  Favor is not something you have to beg God for or work for in the Kingdom and I believe you don’t even have to ask for the favor of God because favor of God is your spiritual inheritance through Christ Jesus and like any natural inheritance you just receive it.  So you are probably asking, “Well how do I receive favor of God that is my spiritual inheritance?”  Expectation always comes when you clearly know the will of God for you and I just told you that favor of God is your spiritual inheritance.  So I will show you now how to receive the favor of God which is certainly your spiritual inheritance just like anything else Jesus secured for you through His redemptive work.  I said Christ’s redemptive work and not yours.  So you will receive the favor of God by the faith that favor is your spiritual inheritance. That faith of the favor of God is becoming a stronghold in your mind, your thinking right now as you read this blog.

First of all you begin to see with the eye of faith favor is coming to you because you have developed a stronghold in your mind that favor is your spiritual inheritance.

I believe lots of time believers do not receive their spiritual inheritance frankly because they don’t know clearly the will of God for them.  Knowing the will of God pertaining to anything for them secures in their minds that they really can and should expect it.  The will of God known creates a stronghold in the mind that releases faith for the thing promised and then faith manifests it in the earth.  It’s that simple.  If we can build a stronghold in your mind that favor is the perfect will of God for you, then you will begin to receive it, believing you have it and then it is manifested in your.

Can you be talked out of Jesus securing your redemption and a home in Heaven?  No, because this truth has become a stronghold in your thinking. Even so now build the stronghold in your mind that God’s favor is your spiritual inheritance and like any other spiritual inheritance in Christ all you have to do is receive it.

I want to share with you a few scriptures along with some faith declarations to help you build a stronghold in your mind, in your thinking in order to release faith for the favor of God and receive this spiritual inheritance of favor. I hope you meditate these scriptures and faith declarations and start declaring them over your life right now so you will see by the eye of faith the favor of God coming into your life right now and so it is released in the natural realm. But first of all I want to share with you a very important truth.  The Blessing of the Lord empowers us to get wealth and then the favor of God is needed to give us the opportunities to release that Blessing in our lives.  So we need both The Blessing and the favor of God and both of them are our spiritual inheritance.  So here are the scripture promises to you so that you can receive right now The Blessing of the Lord and the favor of God, your inheritance and expect it to start showing up right now.  These scriptures are the avenue through which you can now receive your spiritual inheritance.

Eph 1:3 Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ: KJV

Declaration of Faith:   Spiritual blessings includes favor in the life of Your Nameand so Your Nameis experiencing all of the spiritual blessings the Heavenly Father has blessed me with in heavenly places in Christ which includes the favor of God.  All of the spiritual blessings which include the favor of my Father God are Your Name spiritual inheritance and so I receive now by faith all of the blessings, including the favor of Father God and it is now released into my life.

Ps 5:12 For  you  bless  the  righteous, O  LORD; you  cover  them  with  favor as with a shield.  NRSV

Here you see in this scripture the Lord God Jehovah releasing both The Blessing and the favor of God on the righteous which includes you because you need both for it is the favor that releases, provides opportunities, divine appointments, divine connections etc. to release the The Blessing of the Lord.

Declaration of Faith: The Lord God Jehovah has blessed the righteous Your Nameand the Lord God Jehovah has covered Your Name with His favor as with a shield.  I have now received my spiritual inheritance of favor from Jehovah God.  The favor of God goes before me. The favor of God restores to me everything the enemy has stolen from me. The favor of God creates advantages, opportunities, changes rules, laws and regulations for my advantage. The favor of God is showing up everywhere in my life.  I thank and praise Jehovah God for His favor.

Now the following scripture will let you know there is no more waiting time for you to see the favor of Jehovah God, your heavenly Father.  The Church as a whole has to see this too because without the favor of Father God in these last days we will only be surviving and the Gospel of the Kingdom will not be preached in all the world and so Jesus cannot return for us.

Ps 102:13 You  will  arise  and have  compassion on  Zion, for  it is  time to show favor to her; the appointed time has come.  NIV

Declaration of Faith:  This is right now the appointed time, the set time for the favor of Father God on the Church and that includes me, Your Name. Father God is now showing me his favor, showering me now with His favor in my life and I am in expectation of seeing His favor everywhere I turn.  This favor not only blesses me but it also blesses the Kingdom work in the earth so that it is expanding the Kingdom in the world and the return of my Lord is not hindered or delayed any longer.  Thank you Father God for setting up an appointed time to favor the Church and me and I know now is that set time.  I will obey your Word and expect your favor and give you pleasure in seeing that I have used my faith to receive your favor.  Favoring me, now I am a part of the body of Christ who is seeing your Kingdom expanded in the earth and I give you  all the praise and the glory for it now in your Son’s Name, Jesus.    

So now let your expectation begin now by using these powerful scriptures and declarations of faith daily and as often as you need to build the stronghold of the favor of God in your mind’s eye, seeing it happening in your life and giving the Lord praise for giving you your spiritual inheritance of His favor.  

I am at the present time expecting the favor of God for my own family because the Government of the United States has created a law, the Affordable Health Care law, that is infringing on my family’s religious rights because they want to fine us if we don’t take this government healthcare.  We have for 35+ years lived without any health insurance, no doctors, no medicine, no hospital stay but we have instead used the Word of God medicine, prayer and the counsel of the Holy Spirit and it has worked for us and we intend to live this way the rest of our time on earth.  So now I am expecting the favor of God to rule in my favor with the United States Government.  The favor of God worked for Daniel, the 3 Hebrews and Esther and the Jews in the Old Covenant and now we will see the favor of God work for the 3 Baers under the New Covenant.  I don’t know how God is going to do it.  I just know He is creating favor for us right now.  We have scriptures that have built a stronghold in our minds of the favor of God working even when threats come from the Government of the United States to fine us for not taking this government health care.

So whatever test, trial, and discouraging situation you are facing, you do like the 3 Baers and expect the favor of God.  It surely works for those who expect it, it did for Daniel, the 3 Hebrews, Esther and the Jews and you will soon hear of the favor working for the 3 Baers.   

Ps 68:19 Blessed be the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits, even the God of our salvation. Selah. KJV

The day is not over yet for you to see the benefits of the favor of Father God and so don’t waste time receiving it by faith and seeing it coming by the eye of faith so it manifests right now.

The Blessing of the Lord and the favor of Father God are essential for the body of Christ to live in the earth!!!!!! So set your faith every day to receive The Blessing of the Lord and the favor your Father God.

I am expecting the favor of God for you.  I would love to hear your favor testimonies so email me and let me know your favor testimonies and maybe we will share them on our page.

If you believe in my ministry I would ask you to let family, friends, and others know about God’s Word Alive and God’s Word Alive Blog for my passion, my greatest desire, my ministry is to encourage and empower Christians with God’s Word so they no longer live as mere men/women out of the vanity of their minds but they lives out of the New Man in Christ Jesus in His righteousness, His true holiness and in His glory.  Thank you.