On Easter Sunday don’t forget the meaning of Easter, celebrating Jesus’ identity with you and your identity with Jesus.

Jesus became sin so that you are now made righteous, the righteousness of God with Jesus’ own righteousness and justified before Father God, just as if you had never sinned with the justice of Heaven by Christ Jesus!

Jesus was made sin with your sin so that you no longer are a sinner and you are no longer condemned but a saint everyone!

Jesus became sick and endured your pain (mental, emotional, physical, financial and spiritual) so that you now possess divine healing and divine health and divine wholeness in every area of your life. Shalom.

Jesus endured the cross and despised the shame so that you endure no more shame in your life on planet Earth.

Jesus became poor so that you could be made rich with the wealth of the Kingdom of God and not live paycheck to paycheck and social security check to social security check and live off of a natural government in this earth that is bankrupt and so that you could live with The Blessing that produces all you need at whatever age and wherever you live on the earth; which eliminated altogether the curse of toiling for your provision that came with the First Man Adam and you now are onto your Heaven assignment in the earth.

Jesus destroyed the power Satan’s world system’s control over you so that you now live out of the Kingdom of God and its economy and its laws of financial blessing, the anointing of God that far out produces what a job and money can produce for you; it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom with your Kingdom assignment that includes The Blessing of prosperity of the Kingdom of God

Jesus defeated every spiritual enemy of yours, triumphed over all of  them, and made a show of them openly  so that you can now tell the enemy, “What are you talking about?   I am not the one who is defeated!   You are the one who is defeated and I am completed in Christ Jesus, the One who defeated you!”

Jesus defeated sin, death, hell, the grave and the law of sin and death so that you are now delivered from all sin, you have done all the dying you are ever going to do and have no fear of death, you have a destination of heaven and not hell because of the blood of Jesus, the grave has no power over you because you are already risen with Christ in newness of life, Jesus destroyed the power of the law of sin and death the First Man Adam brought into operation in your life when you came into this world and replaced it with the operation of the Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus for the rest of your days on planet Earth.

Jesus became the Son of Man so that you could become the sons of God, you have Daddy God’s very DNA, you are supernatural and not only human and don’t have to sing that song no more, “I’m only human.  I’m just a woman.”

Jesus left heaven so that you live out of heaven now for you are right now a citizen of Heaven and you are not of this world and what is in Heaven is yours now to enjoy, it is the good pleasure of the Father to give you the Kingdom now.

Jesus prayed while on earth His Kingdom come and His will be done and so now that’s your hope every day and His will is your destination today and every day you are here on this earth.

Your identity, your value and your worthy are all found in Christ Jesus! Selah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Identity, don’t have an identity problem any longer for Jesus is the guarantee of your whole new identity and so just believe it,  just receive it and live it out; giving Jesus praise every day for it!

Allow the Holy Spirit to elaborate on this identity so that you can now fully live it out; giving praise, honor and glory to Jesus!