I came across this “In Him” article I want to share with you and I hope it charges your faith in what Jesus our Lord and Savior has made us to be and has done for us.

Get excited for you are in Him!

In Him it is written, finished and done. In Him it was wrought, in the first begotten One. Redemption, remission, fulfillment, complete and every enemy placed under our feet. No need to struggle, no need to strive, no need the flesh’s abilities to subscribe, for in Him it is done; in Him the battle is won, and we are in Him.

So when tempted to look at circumstance and trail, when tempted to be moved in life’s road mile after mile, the enemy would say; You must strive and work so that in some point and time, you would merit some worth. You must go through all endeavors and sweat and toil and stress, and then if by some chance when you’ve done your very best, you will attain some merit and some rightness before God, and that will be the fruit of your labors, from what on earth you trod.

But nay saith the Spirit of God. It is not so, and it shall not be that any flesh will be able to boast, because it is by His grace, it is already done, and we receive by our faith in that One. And from the youngest babe, immediately after new birth, you can lift up your face and know that you are of eternal worth. You have been made complete, you have been made redeemed and washed, and there’s nothing you can earn. There’s nothing you just work for, for Jesus did it, Jesus said it, and Jesus has risen on high and sat down and it is done! In Him.

So, lean not to the mind, nor to the flesh design, look not to circumstance. But look in the Word and what He said is in Him. And confess it bold with the lips of clay and you’ll find out you’ll walk a higher way. It may not all change totally, overnight, but when you begin to think and believe and speak right from grace to grace and faith to faith and in a little while you’ll find that you’ve moved a great space.

And you’ll say, My, my, my, it’s not like it used to be. Oh dear God, I really feel free. But it began by faith, confessing His Word. It began by faith, saying what you heard. Saying, In Him I’m free. In Him I’m delivered. In Him I’m blessed.  In Him I’m righteous. In Him I’m healed. In Him I’m prosperous. In Him I’m moving forward. In Him, I’m holy. In Him, I’m sanctified. In Him, I’m beloved. In Him, I’m perfected. In Him, I’m powerful. In Him, I’m mighty. In Him, I have authority. In Him, I can do all things.  You say it when you feel low. You say it when the enemy would work you woe. You say it when you seem deserted and forlorn. And if you’ll say it in those times. And say it in distress. You’ll find the Spirit will move and bring you into rest. And bring you into the fresh breath of the inspiration of God, for each day in your life.

And as you move on the earth and trod, you will move in great Glory! And there’ll be a countenance and a shine about your face. And when people see you, they’ll give great place. And they’ll say, “My, somethings different about that one.” Because in you they’ll see the Son because He’s in you and you’re in Him, and we are one in the Lord!

So be not silent. Do not procrastinate. But confess what He said, and do it in faith. And you’ll find your life will radically change from glory to glory. You life will be rearranged. Ha! And you’ll say, Oh, thank God that I heard the truth and that the truth hath set me free. And I will walk in the fullness of my rights in redemption in liberty.

In Him you are. Don’t forget. Confess it. Walk it. Believe it. And then God will watch over that Word and perform every word He said. To Christ’s image you’ll conform. And glorious and great will your end be when you sit in on my throne and rule and reign with me. For eternity you will be with me. Ruling and reigning, and rejoicing for eternity. And it will all be, because you’re in me. (Author Unknown)

I really pray this made you more aware of being Christ and that you are encouraged today.  Read this again and again and draw from the power of being in Him.  You are “in Him” my brother and sister.

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