From time to time I get emails from brothers and sisters in Christ to pray for their finances.  These dear ones have been faithful to give as the scriptures tell us but yet they see no harvest from their giving.

I believe there are many in the body of Christ in this same situation and many are as they would say it, “at wits end trying to figure out why they have not received the harvest on their giving”.  These are faithful people I want to remind you.  They even give sacrificially many times.  They put God first place in their lives and in their money matters.  They know all of the scriptures for giving and for receiving harvests.  They pray and stand on God’s Word and even make confessions of God’s Word over their finances but still they seemingly do not have any manifestation of a harvest.  They stand and stand on the promises of God’s Word.  They pray against hindering spirits and anything trying to block the breakthrough.  They wonder where they are missing it!  They have repented for disobedience and any of their ways that have displeased the Lord.  They have even chosen to love others who continue to do evil, wicked and demonic things intentionally to try to hurt and hinder their progress.  These faithful people have prayed fervently about the situation of drought, lack, struggling, poverty and insufficiency.  These people know that is not of God.  They know God takes pleasure in their prosperity but yet everything just seems to be at a standstill.  So what is their problem?  Do any of you relate to any of this?

I recently received an email asking for prayer to get some clarity on why this person was not receiving their harvests and I believe the word I got from the Lord for them can help those of you who have been wondering the same and yet like you too have been a faithful giver. So allow me to share this revelation with you for I know this revelation will help you as well to receive your harvests.

First of all I am talking to people who have been faithful to tithe and give offerings as the Lord directed them; what amount to give and where and when to give their tithe and offerings.  These people have been obedient and faithful to sow their good seed into good ground.  So according to the Word of God they are due a harvest.

You can never plant a natural seed or plant an offering seed and not get a harvest.  It is impossible!

Gen 8:22 While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease. KJV

2 Cor 9:6 But this I say,… he which soweth bountifully shall reap also bountifully. KJV

Harvest has to come to those who sow seed because this is spiritual law and spiritual laws work just as faithfully as the natural laws of gravity and the law of lift when they are applied.  For the spiritual law of seedtime and harvest not to work means God is a liar and spiritual laws don’t work but we know that is utterly ridiculous and impossible!  Spiritual laws work all the time and seedtime and harvest works all the time in the Kingdom of God. I assure you that you can have faith in this law to work for you every time you sow financial seed or any other seed the Lord directs you to plant.

faithfulness of God + faithfulness of (your name) to sow + faithfulness of the good seed sown = harvests every time!

faith in the faithfulness of your seed producing a harvest for you = harvests every time!

spiritual perception = recognition of God’s harvests for you

our harvests come to us different ways = enemy doesn’t readily recognize the harvest and steal it from us

The spiritual law of sowing and reaping, seedtime and harvest works every time it is put to work so have no doubt about it.

Where I think a lot of us have missed it is in recognizing our harvest so that we know when it comes.

Lots of times we think our harvest is going to be a money harvest coming with a check in the mail and at times God does give us money harvests but expecting money harvests alone is why we can miss our harvests when they show up.

God has untold ways to get a harvest to you and these harvests will benefit every area of your life which means you will enjoy prosperity in all areas that concern you the most; your spirit life and growth in the spirit, your physical body, your mental and emotional stability coming from revelation knowledge of God’s Word, your social influence for the Kingdom and healthy God given relationships, your financial prosperity, and on and on.

For myself and my family I believe the biggest harvest we have testimony of is that we have lived in divine health for over 30 years and never been to a doctor, had a hospital stay, nor had to take medicine.  NOW THAT’S QUITE A HARVEST!  We have had very little symptoms try to come on our bodies that we had to use the Word of God as our medicine but even in those times God’s Word proved to be just what the bible tells us, “medicine to all your flesh”.  Wow!  What a lot of money we have saved over the years as a result of this blessing and we plan on harvesting divine health the rest of our lives.

How about you, have you experienced good health?  This is a harvest.

Another personal testimony of a big harvest was before my husband and I got married we bought a house and he moved in a week before we were married.  We got a 30 year loan for the house.  We were married in October 1974 and by the end of the year December 1977 we had our home paid for in full.  That certainly was a blessing.

Another harvest I have received is my website.  God has given me a gift of encouragement  and writing and I love to encourage and empower people with God’s Word Alive.  God has developed my gifts as I recognized them and started using them on this site.  God’s Word Alive is a passion and I just can’t wait to place more and more material I know has helped me so that it helps others.

I am going to share with you some harvests that you probably have experienced but didn’t recognize them.

Here’s an example of a harvest that was an idea that came to a man and turned out to extraordinarily to be a blessing.  There was a man employed as a police officer who got an idea and because he was obedient to give this idea to a certain company they then paid him I think it was around fifteen million dollars for this one idea.  He said this idea came and he didn’t feel any excitement about it but then he gave the company his idea and this one idea resulted in him being greatly compensated.  So this man had an idea.  That’s a harvest.

Why doesn’t God just give us money and checks in the mail so that we readily recognize our harvest and receive it?  I believe it is because God is hiding the harvest but not from you but from the enemy who would quickly see every check that was in the mail to any faithful steward and steal it before it got to you.

Our harvests can come in many different ways so we need look for them and ask the Lord to help us recognize them when they arrive for they must come.

Harvests can be money, sales on items you needed to purchase, items given to you that you never would have expected, payments made on your bills or debt by others, ideas and information and answers to problems, favor, new job, promotion, creative ideas and witty inventions, patents and copyright on word phrases, God given personal gifts that can impact the lives of others, financial harvest can come from writing books and eBooks and articles and blogs and recipes, harvests could be recognition of your talent on YouTube, divine appointments and divine connections with individuals who need your gifts and will pay you well for them and give you passive income, divine direction, divine wisdom, divine hope, divine faith, divine protection, peace of mind in a bad situation that proved helpful in making the right decision, a peaceful and loving family, a godly husband or wife, godly children, an atmosphere of heaven in our home, revelation of scripture that makes great impact on our faith and life, a fit Word of God that has changed our lives forever, loyal friends who will pray and agree with us according to God’s Word and will for our lives, faithful men and women of God to pastor us and mentor us, there is no end to all the harvests that will come to us!

I must say we have to be diligent to recognize the harvests coming to us because they can slip right through our fingers and the prosperity God intended for us can go to others.  These harvests could include God given ideas, problem solving information and other kinds of information, inventions, patents, books, eBooks, downloads of books, Christian novels, specialty magazines, recipes, photography, music compositions, songs, ringtones, computer games, CDs  and DVDs of all sorts, toys, copyrights etc.; and this is only the beginning of a list of harvests intended for us.  Obedience is better than sacrifice and I am sure some of us have failed to recognize these kinds of harvests.

I have a friend who copyrighted a word phrase and so now she gets royal payments as a result.

These harvests may seem simple to us when they come but yet what we might count insignificant could change our financial status and give us greater opportunity to give more to Kingdom work.  So don’t discount anything as insignificant when you keep hearing it or sensing it by your spirit man.

There are so many people who are jobless today and struggling but I want to encourage those of you who are in that position and let you know that God has placed in each one of you a gift that is supposed to create wealth for you.  So many keep looking for a job but their focus should be on discerning their Kingdom assignment on this earth and the gift God has placed in them to prosper them far greater than any job could ever do.

What’s the definition of a job?  JUST OVER BROKE!  So I want you to know you can now find the purpose for your life and start using the creative part of you God has placed in you for this very time.  You are not hopeless for you are not limited in your creative spirit filled with the Creator Himself!  So don’t be job minded but creative minded and let it start creating what is already in your spirit man.  This is a harvest!

Your harvests always come but they must be recognized.

Remember God sends harvests in different packages to us so the enemy can’t readily recognize the harvest and steal them from us before we receive them.

I pray this blog will cause faith to arise in you so now you readily recognize your harvests.

My Prayer & Declaration Over You:

Father God, thank you for your faithfulness to send this faithful giver their harvests.  I thank you for your spiritual law of seedtime and harvest, sowing and reaping that is working faithfully right now for this faithful steward.  Lord, I am asking that you help these precious, faithful stewards to recognize the harvest you have planned specifically for them and sent to them.  Help them to identify these harvests that are hidden from their spiritual enemy but not hidden from them.

I bless these faithful stewards’ seed sown and I call forth all harvests that are rightfully theirs to come into their possession now in Jesus’ name.  I speak forth clarity in their spiritual perception so they recognize all harvests that are ready and waiting on them to receive.  I declare this faithful steward will no longer be subjected to lack, limitation, debt, delays and what is common to those without a God covenant.  This covenant is a covenant of abundance of harvests and this covenant is working efficiently for these stewards of the Kingdom of God every single day without delay.

I speak to you faithful stewards and I command you by the Spirit of the Lord, “Expect your harvests now!”  Your focus from now on and your mindset will be that harvests are awaiting your recognition.  I speak to you that your heart be fixed, established, trusting and expecting the Lord of the Harvest coming with your harvest, in Jesus’ name.

After reading this blog, you need to listen to my audio, “Your Way Out of Being Provision Minded”.  You can download the PDF transcription to study with the audio.

I have just posted a whole new series of audios on God’s Word Alive entitled “Kingdom Ways To Prosper In Financial Famine” that will show you how to use Kingdom financial strategies to escape the financial famine in this world system.  The Kingdom has provided for you through Jesus a Redemptive Wall that separates you from the financial famine in this godless, Babylonian world system.  Now is the time for each and every Christian and their households to flourish in the Kingdom of God and get back to Eden and live on top of the world.