We are surrounded with lots of fear.  Many Christians have a lot of fear in their lives.  Many Christians cannot sleep, they cannot function and live life in faith because they are so consumed with fear.  They are tormented night and day with fear.  Many have been diagnosed with many different medical conditions but the real problem is FEAR!  Fear has torment!  There are all kinds of fear.  I am sure if I defined all the fear going on in this world you would identify with many.  God wants us free from ALL FEAR right now, today!

So I thought I would share some really good news with you how to get rid of ALL FEAR in your life.  Yes, I said, “GET RID OF ALL FEAR IN YOUR LIFE.”  You read me right.

The scripture I gave you in my blog picture is the one we will want to look at closely to find the answer to getting rid of ALL FEAR in your life!  I have practiced just what I am going to tell you and it really worked for me and so I pass it along to you.  Let’s take a look at this scripture and how we can apply it to the fear that has tormented you, maybe, for a long time!

Ps 34:4 I sought the LORD, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears. KJV

Again I want to promise you, you should get great comfort from this scripture if you are in any kind of fear by the time we get through with looking at this scripture.  I hope you share it with many of your friends and relatives after you find the secret contained in this scripture to rid ALL FEAR OUT OF YOUR LIFE.

First of all we see that we must seek the Lord when we are in fear. If we go to anyone else or anything else like food or alcohol or drugs for comfort we will not rid ourselves of the financial fears, fear of health problems, or any other fear tormenting us.  We will only be adding to our problems.  So first we must seek the Lord.  That means to take some time to seek Him about everything in our lives for He cares for us or this scripture would not be in our bible.  He wants you to know that He cares.

Secondly, this scripture tells us God heard us. God cannot hear us unless we are speaking to Him.  What are we speaking to Him?  We are confessing to Him ALL OF OUR FEARS, not leaving one of them out. If we do then we are not being honest and we will not experience deliverance from that fear for it is the confessed ones that we will experience God’s delivering power.

Remember what John told us to do when we have sinned?

1 John 1:9 If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. KJV

So it is when we confess our sins that we are cleansed.  The confession of sin comes first and then He forgives us and cleanses us.

It is the same with deliverance from ALL FEAR in our lives; we must first do our part of confessing each fear we have in our lives to the Lord.  This is being honest with the Lord and ourselves we have these fears and we are also recognizing He and He alone can rid us of ALL FEAR and not ourselves or anyone else or anything else.  After we confess them it is then and only then that God can deliver us from ALL FEAR.

Thirdly, if we are truly honest with the Lord and ourselves and confess all our fears then we will immediately feel God’s peace come over us! I know what I am saying. You will feel His peace come over you!

Fourthly, God not only delivers you from this torment you have been experiencing but He is immediately working on the problems that brought ALL THE FEAR IN YOUR LIFE TO START WITH.

God needs your confession and then His peace comes that passes all understanding and then God immediately goes to work on delivering you from ALL THE PROBLEMS THAT BROUGHT ON THE FEAR.  This is a truth that sounds too simple to get rid of fear but I am not sharing some intellectual idea of Janie Baer but I am instead sharing with you a fear destroying truth God has given us here in Ps 34:3.

God told many people in the bible, “Fear not.”  He didn’t expect them to do it by themselves.  It is impossible to rid yourself of ALL FEAR.  You need the power of God’s presence, God’s peace and God’s deliverance in order to not be afraid.

So if you believe you confessed ALL OF YOUR SINS and God forgave you of  ALL OF YOUR SINS and cleansed you OF ALL SINS, then you must start believing also when you seek the Lord and confess ALL OF YOUR FEARS then God will deliver you from ALL YOUR FEARS!

Isn’t that the most wonderful news you have heard in a long time?

Please share this truth with others so they too can be DELIVERED TODAY FROM ALL THEIR FEARS.

I love you all and believe you will apply this truth TODAY AND BE FREED TODAY OF ALL FEAR!  I hope to receive lots of testimonies of God’s deliverance from ALL FEAR when you applied this truth.

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