We live in a world full of competition and commerce. From the moment we are born till the moment we die, these two ways of life are engrained into our hearts and we learn to operate from them. In all actuality, the main reason we are on this planet is because the Lord desired to have a family. He created us to be His family. He created this earth for us to live on and to enjoy. He created the stars and planets for us to look up at and enjoy.

When Adam made his fateful decision that marred creation, competition and commerce came into existence. Man has been trying to work for his salvation and God’s approval ever since. God, on the other hand, wants to have relationship. He is always there wooing and pursuing us. He loves each and every one of us unconditionally. He created us to love and enjoy us. He didn’t create us to judge or condemn us.

When Adam ate of that fruit from the knowledge of good and evil, it opened up his eyes to see good and evil. When God met up with him, God asked him why he hid. He told Him he realized that he was naked. The Lord asked him who told him he was naked. Ever since then, man has been committing the same sin over and over again. We are always looking at our inadequacies, faults and failures. Like I’ve said before, whatever you start pondering on, meditating on becomes a reality in your heart. If it’s not a reality in this world, it is a delusion in your heart.

A lot of people can tend to receive their value and worth through competition and commerce. People tend to find their value by their job title, their marriage or by how much money they earn. What happens when all that comes tumbling down and you have nothing to show for it? I believe that’s where Jesus comes into the picture. God sent His Son Jesus to the earth to die for our sins. We have to look to Jesus for our righteousness, value and worth. God sent Him down to earth to lead a perfect life. He fulfilled the Law and then He became our sin when He died on the Cross.

When we accept Jesus into our heart, we receive His righteousness and His life on the inside of us. When God looks at us, all He sees is Jesus Christ. That means we have nothing to prove to ourselves, others or to God Himself. Our identity is found in Christ Jesus alone. The only reason people struggle with sin, low self esteem, depression or bad habits is because they are blinded in their heart of their true identity which is established in Christ Jesus. We have the same power in us that Jesus had when He walked on this earth.

Because we have Jesus living on the inside of us, we don’t need to “prove” ourselves out of sins or habits because Jesus already conquered all of that on the Cross. We just need to stop dwelling on these inadequacies and learn to focus on our positive qualities. The more you dwell on your inadequacies and bad habits they will become that much more real to your heart and be engrained into your life. Begin to see yourself the way God sees you. Whenever He looks at His kids, He sees us as winners. He sees us kings and priests. He sees us as overcomers and victorious.

Today is a new day. The past is what it is, the past. Your best days are now and still to come. These are the days of your restoration. God is polishing down our hearts everyday through relationship to get us ready for the blessings He has prepared for us. He is our Father. He is our greatest Cheerleader. He is our greatest Encourager. He created us to have relationship with us, for us to receive our identity from that relationship through Him. Nothing in this world gives us our identity. Only through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, do we have our identity. Every part of our being is founded in Him. To Him deserves all glory, honor and praise!