There is more to tithing then just placing it in the container at our place of worship.  In the Old Testament in Deuteronomy 26 the firstfruits and the tithes were brought before the priests and then they would tithe with a declaration.  Our words are very important in financial matters. As we, New Testament disciples of Christ, bring the tithe into the storehouse; we too should make certain declarations over our firstfruits and tithes.

Here is a confession we can make over our firstfruits and tithes according to the Bible scripture confession found in Deuteronomy 26:1-19:I am now living in my promise land, the Kingdom of God.  I possess it and dwell in it taking all that has been provided for me by my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I take the firstfruits and tithe of all I receive in the earth to the priest in my day, Jesus Christ.  He is my High Priest according Hebrews 7:8.

I now declare with my mouth that I now live in the Kingdom of God.  Jesus, I expect you as my High Priest to take this firstfruits/tithe before the altar of my Heavenly Father.

I confess that at one time I was a sinner and I was in bondage and in darkness to satan.  But I cried unto the Lord Jesus Christ and He heard me.  He then took me out of my affliction and oppression.  He took me into the Family of God and forgave me of all my sins.  He made me His own through the shedding of His blood and gave me authority over the evil one.

I now bring my firstfruits/tithe of my land (job, business, inheritance, etc.) which You have given me.  Jesus I expect You as my High Priest to set it before the Father and worship Him with it.

Father, I ask that You look down from Heaven, in Jesus’ Name, and bless me, Your son/daughter, according to Your riches in glory.  I expect You to bless my land (income) and cause it to flow with milk and honey as You promised me in Your Word.  I am your very own child and You are my very own Father.

I give You praise and thanks for Your deliverance and Your authority You have given me over satan and the world system. I will rejoice always for all the good which You have given me and will share it in the love of God.

Lord, I give You the firstfruits/tithe, the very first and also the very best of all my increase in accordance with Your Word. Lord, I bring my tithe into Your house.  I will not forget the holy tithe.  This is a top priority to me with all the increase of my life.

Father, I ask You to look down from Heaven and bless me according to Your promise to me.  Bless me with Your abundance in this promised land I now dwell in Christ Jesus my Lord.  I rejoice and give You thanks for it all in Jesus’ Name.

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