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Debt Is The Biggest Robber Of The Body Of Christ’s Finances Today

By Janie Baer

  • Debt is the biggest robber of the body of Christ’s finances today. 

Sad to say but most of God’s people are in debt.

God’s prophets have warned God’s people to get out of debt because of the financial woes coming on the earth but the Church has been enticed, seduced, bound and trapped by debt.  Many, like the rest of society, don’t worry about debt or deal with it until they experience some difficult times with their debt and so most of the time they are just paying the bare minimal payment.

I believe God is telling the Church right now, “I want you out of debt now!”

You might be thinking right now, “Well, if He wants me out of debt then why doesn’t He just get me out of debt?”

You have to realize you are in debt because you didn’t handle your finances His way and God’s deliverance comes as a result of your true repentance.  If you do not experience His true deliverance then know for sure you haven’t truly repented.

John 8:36 Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.   NKJV

Through Jesus’ shed blood you are guaranteed deliverance in every area of your life but deliverance is rooted in true repentance.  Your deliverance from debt is the fruit of your real heart repentance, meaning you make a quality decision you will never go back into debt again.

Pray this prayer right now:


Lord, forgive me for going into debt and not depending on you.  I repent for getting into debt.  I see that debt is the biggest robber of my finances.  Forgive me for thinking you didn’t care about my financial situation and thinking, “If you want me out of debt then why don’t you do something to get me out of debt.”  I was wrong.  I take full responsibility for the debt and recognize I am in debt because I haven’t handled my finances your way.  Teach me your principles so debt is eliminated from my life.  I’m trusting in you stead of trusting in debt.