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Kingdom Living And Not Carnal Living

We were born again into the Kingdom of God and brought out of the authority of darkness through Jesus Christ and we are now living out of this Kingdom of God while we are on the earth. That means we have a whole new way of living and perception of things by the Kingdom’s truth, its spiritual laws, spiritual principles, spiritual perception of things by the Spirit of God through our spirit. We are Holy Spirit directed in every aspect of life.

Kingdom living will mean that you will have to recognize the Kingdom has a whole different mindset to where your thinking is not turned towards what is natural, you are not left to just natural perception, natural discernment, and natural judgment of things where there is trial and error. When you live in the Kingdom of God you think entirely different from how people naturally think. In the Kingdom of God you have to believe the Word of God is the truth and nothing but the truth about everything in your life. No matter what evidence there could be in your life from time to time that is contrary to the Word of God, you have to recognize it immediately as false evidence that appears to be real. This kind of evidence is fact rather than truth. Any facts that are not in line with the Word of God are not the truth but it’s deceptive evidence the enemy will use to bring you into bondage. In the Kingdom of God the Word of God is final authority and is the truth and nothing but the truth in both Heaven’s realm and earth’s realm. In the Kingdom of God the Word of God is the truth, the highest truth and not facts and natural evidence and natural circumstances which in this earth’s realm are perceived and recognized as truth and told if you deny the reality of them then you are in denial.