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Receiving a Prophetic Word

When I think about how I give a prophetic word or word of encouragement from the Lord to someone I realized this is how Jesus operated in His ministry day after day.  He had to be aware of both the spirit realm and the natural realm at the same time.

How does a prophecy form?  When I have given a prophetic word or a word from the Lord in a service I generally close my eyes and generally I get the first line or two lines as those words start forming down inside of my spirit.  And as I continue to focus on receiving more words then more words start coming up as well. The reason I shut my eyes is I want to shut out all distraction around me, the worship and what people are saying or doing around me.  In other words I am shutting off my natural senses so that I can concentrate on my spirit man’s senses.
The same way I pick up on a word from God to deliver to others in a church setting is also the way I pick up on someone, a friend or family member, I haven’t talked to recently and they come to our mind repeatedly, several times during a day.  My spirit man is sensing the Holy Spirit getting my attention so I can pray for them or whatever He wants to do through me.  My spirit man is sensing in the spirit realm that I need to think about that person and pray for them. I get a feeling in my spirit this person is depressed even though I haven’t talked to them and so I pray for them.  When I talk to them later I find out they were experiencing depression but now they are rejoicing again in the Lord


God, the Holy Spirit was putting that person on my mind, my spirit man’s mind so I would pray for them.  I have since realized that if a person comes to mind several times then it is time to pray for them whether I know that person personally or not.  It could be the President, a sports figure, a movie star, or whomever God needs me to pray for them.  I may not know, ever know what is going on with them but I pray led by the Spirit of God.  If I am not prompted to pray in a certain way in my natural language then I pray in my prayer language in the spirit.