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Personal Application

If you really want to hear the Lord’s voice, look for the witness of your spirit man, look for the guidance of the Spirit and look for the things that you perceive.  In your daily life you will see how mundane it is and how common it is.  


Leaving work you may have a strong feeling that you shouldn’t go home the route you normally take.  Instantly obey that prompting even if you are in a hurry and need to get home.  It could mean life or death.

It could be He will tell you not to go to Wal-Mart for that item you had seen last week and decided today to go and purchase it. Instantly obey that impression.

 As you pray in the spirit, as you are thinking on the things of God just be aware of that perception, that person who comes to your mind you hadn’t thought of in a while and perceive that the Lord is telling you to pray for that person or do a certain thing.  Instantly seek out why the Holy Spirit brought them to your mind. As you give attention to what you perceive or give attention to the person who comes to mind, the Lord will give further revelation on the situation so that you can make the right application to the revelation or the Lord will give further details about the person who came to mind so you can pray most affectively.

I noticed when I was congregational pastor there would be times when I gave a word from the Lord to someone and then after I left the church I would get further revelation. What happened was I would be thinking on this person and what I had told them and so the more I dwelled on it the more revelation would come.

The same thing happens when I dwell on a certain scripture for a period of time, more revelation comes out of that particular scripture.  It is like a seed that continues to unfold and reveal more life. I receive more revelation as I dwell on a particular scripture and finally there comes a point where I have received for this time all the revelation from that particular scripture I need.

It’s the same way with a person the Lord brings to our mind and so we need to stop and give attention to what the Lord is trying to tell us much like Paul when he perceived the man had faith to be healed.  If Paul didn’t lock eyes on him and steadfastly look at him he would not have perceived the man had the faith to be healed and the man would not have been healed.  There is a reason that person came to our mind and we must take the time to see why because it could be a life or death situation.  We need to stop and take authority over that situation and in the name of Jesus forbid the enemy to carry out his plans of destruction and release the angels to protect and minister to the individual.

We have to look or focus on the person in our mind or look or focus on the situations God has brought to our mind and that is really what we have to do to  in order that we see what God is trying to tell us and then immediately be obedient to what the Lord wants you to do about the person or situation.
This is serious business when you say you want to hear the voice of the Lord.  It is not a hobby, for your hearing and receiving what the Lord is telling you could mean life or death to a person or even yourself.  When you are hearing the voice of God and receiving what the Lord tells you, you are entering into another realm.  I want you to see how serious this matter is to the Lord and to another person or the outcome of a particular situation.