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How to be Sensitive


If you don’t pay attention to the revelation of hearing and seeing in the supernatural realm and the natural realm at the same time and then applying this in your life daily it is not going to work for you.

To become more sensitive to angels in your presence it will feel like a person anointed by the Holy Spirit.  You are in a room alone but yet you feel somebody is there with you.


I have told you about how you can touch the spirit realm and see, hear, smell, taste and touch in the spirit realm and that your spirit and soul together touch that link between the spirit realm and the natural realm.

So in order to touch the realm of the spirit, as you pray in the spirit it would be a good thing to close your eyes in order to close out what is going on around you in the natural realm.  So if you sense there are angels in the room with you but you may not know where they are in the room; in order to pinpoint where they are, it is like the Word of God if you dwell on a particular scripture more revelation comes to you.  The more you focus on locating the angel in the room then you will begin to see the angel.


That is exactly how I saw an angel for the first time.  I knew there was an angel present and as I focused on his location I discerned he was in a corner of the room and the Lord revealed to me why he was there and even gave me his name.

So as you pray in the spirit and you close your eyes and just kind of sense, kind of feel where the presence of the Lord is denser, where it is more concentrated is what it feels like; when you do you will sense like the shape of a body, kind of like the glory of the Lord and this will open your eyes to see the angel in the room or the Lord in the room.  This is like the first step.


At first you will feel a presence in the room and it is concentrated in a certain area of the room and when you give your attention to that area of the room it will be like something comes into focus, what is in the spirit realm will come into focus.  It is like looking through a pair of binoculars at something and it is fuzzy and when you focus it then suddenly you can see it.  You may notice in your mind, your mind being the middle point of the titter-totter, has to pay attention to it.  You have to stop and in your mind give it your full focus.  You pray in the spirit and you sense where they are.  And the more you focus on it the more the Lord will open up your eyes to see it.


It is the same with hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit, the more you dwell on hearing His voice the more clearly you will hear His voice.  When we dwell on something we perceive or discern then it goes beyond what we perceive or discern or a witness and we see the Lord or see an angel or hear further instruction from the Spirit of God.


So become more alert and focused on what is happening in the spirit realm and you will start hearing and seeing, sensing what is going on in the spirit and the natural realm at the same time.