Holy Spirit is here to minister to us.  One part of His ministry to us is Holy Spirit tells us things to come.

Holy Spirit we ask that You would do what the scripture says that You will do.  That You will speak whatever You hear from the Lord and that You will tell us of things to come.  Reveal to us the plans and purposes that God has for us and then cause us to possess the wisdom to position ourselves for those things and handle and administrate them according to the wisdom of Heaven.  Also, Holy Spirit, tells us of things to come that could be a danger or a pitfall that the enemy might try to bring upon our lives in order to kill, steal and destroy anything in our life.  You are the Spirit of Truth and we know that You will guide us into all truth and that You speak not of Your own authority but from God. So, have us listen and speak to us the prophetic word of those things that God is planning in our lives so that we can align ourselves and position ourselves to be in the will of Father God.  In Jesus Name we ask and believe we receive.  Amen.

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