Your future is locked up in Christ.  Your day is locked up in Christ.  Your week is locked up in Christ.  Your month is locked up in Christ.  Your year is locked up in Christ.  But the truth is you have to say it.  You can’t have it unless you say it

Do you know who you are in Christ?

The Bible tells you it is in Christ you live, in Christ you move, in Christ you have all of your being.  If you won’t say the Word then you won’t have your life in Christ but you will have the life Adam gave you when he sinned and fell down low to this low life of the flesh because Adam didn’t open up his mouth and speak to that serpent what God had spoken.  From that we can see our present and future locked up in Christ has to be declared or the devil will deceive us as well when he comes with his lies against God’s Word to take away our future in Christ.   So then you will experience the low life and not the high life of the spirit and you won’t believe God for your life in Christ but instead just allow everything that you see, hear, smell, feel around you, Satan’s domain of temptation, dictate to you what is the reality of your here and now and what will be your future.

You got to say who you are in Christ.  That’s the key because faith is not faith unless you speak your faith. Faith is the holder of your destiny.  Faith is the key that unlocks every door, every door to your future in Christ.  Faith operates by speaking words.  That’s how you received Christ.  You declared with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believed it in your heart.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, your future and even your present life in Christ; but it first has to be declared it you want what it is yours in Christ.

Some people don’t think you have to say it or think well I’ll try it but no it has to be a lifestyle.  I mean they are saying something about everything in their life every day and I guarantee you that person is saying the wrong things and not what the Word says.  You hear that conversation every single day but I am praying that is changing with the Body of Christ.

If you are going to see it then you are going to have to say it.  You are going to have to say something that at that time is not what you do see in the natural.  You are going to look ridicules at times.  Is that a problem for you?  Are you afraid to be ridiculed?  That is the price you will have to pay for the future you have in Christ because it’s not always going to look like at the moment what you said.  But in reality that is exactly who you are and what you have.

Jesus told you that He had come that you might have life and have it more abundantly, to the full, until it overflows.    Now are you going to say it?  The Word told you that faith is the victory that overcomes everything in your present and in your future because your present and future are all locked up in Christ.  Now are you going to say it?  The Word tells you that your healing and wholeness is all locked up in the redemptive work of Christ.  Now are you going to say it?  You have to say it in order to have it.  The Bible tells you Jesus already overcome the world and deprived it of power to harm you.  Now are you going to say it?  The Bible tells you that the Blessing of the Lord truly makes you rich and He adds no sorrow with it and neither does toiling increase it.  Are you going to declare that even at the cost of being ridiculed?

Jesus said a lot of things that seemed utterly ridiculous to the natural carnal mind.  He spoke to a tree out loud so His disciples could hear him and cursed it.  He spoke to a storm and commanded it to seize and rebuked His disciples for not speaking to the storm.  He spoke to the sick to be healed and whole.  He even spoke to the dead to arise! I was crazy to the natural mind but did He get results?  Yes!  Because Jesus knew in order for faith to work He first had to say it.

Your future is all locked up in Christ but you have to declare it to see it. So be bold and declare what God has already locked up in Christ for you and you surely will see it!