I have a covenant with God and so I have life at its best.

All financial doors are open to me now. All financial channels are freed to me now.

An endless bounty now comes to me in Jesus’ name.

I do not depend on a job, government, persons or conditions for my supply.

God is the Source of my supply and He is constantly opening new channels of prosperity to me.

I am now open and receptive for my highest good.

There is no numbering of avenues through which my supply can come to me.

My resource is as far reaching as the Universe.

I expect my supply through all avenues of life and from all points of the world.

Unlimited supply is flowing to me now.

I live under an open Heaven and all of Heaven’s resources I will access.

When things look like they are the worst in my life is when God can really do His best.

I trust God when I can’t see anything or feel anything or can’t get a good report for He will come through every time.

In famine I obey a word from God and it produces prosperity for me.

I never let conditions of my nation or the world around me control my faith for my financial supply.

I never run from a fight of faith and God gives me favor

Let the financial miracles begin in my life today and continue through all of 2016.