There are too many Christians in the world who are living under the pressures of this Godless world system that is run by the devil and the demonic and human beings they are using as puppets.  I mean, Christians go to church but they can’t praise and worship the Lord much less pay attention to the teaching and the preaching of the Word of God because their minds are under such pressure.  They can’t pay attention at work or much less sleep at night because of the pressure on their minds of late payments, rent due, mortgage payment due, facing eviction from their apartment or house, they can’t pay their utilities, they can’t pay for their medicines, they can’t pay for the last time they spent in the hospital and all those tests that were run, their job is being threatened or they just lost their job, should I go on?

Pastors are doing their congregation a disservice if they are not teaching their congregation on a regular basis how to live out of the Kingdom of God system and get their needs met.  It is vitally important now that the Church starts teaching the Kingdom of God system of supernatural provision and getting out from under this Godless world system.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ and getting saved and going to Heaven has been preached but the Gospel of the Kingdom of God and its ways of financial prosperity and increase more and more has not been taught.

Money is an issue in many Christian households today and it is causing stress and pressure, lots of stress and pressure.  Money is controlling Christian’s lives, taking captive their minds, controlling their attitudes, and controlling their emotions.  Some Christians are slaves to money and driven to make it and to keep it. Christians all over the world have to get their relationship with money straightened out in this time of financial famine. Christians are going to have to have financial attitude adjustments and money attitude adjustments.  Christians are going to have to determine that money is not going to control them any longer.  Christians are going to have to take a stand and settle today who is serving whom.  That it is God they are going to serve and not money and money is going to serve them.  Christians need to settle today that their pocketbooks, wallets, and bank accounts are not going to talk to them any longer but they are going to talk to them.

Money is talking to most Christians and they are not talking back to money because they are scared.  What I mean by money is talking to them is that it is telling them there is shortage in their house, they can’t possibly pay all the bills,  all they need is more money, more income, and maybe another job or two and this creates fear and worry and more anxiety then they can cope with.  Money runs Christian’s lives and households.  Money has become a god in the Church.  It is time Christians get their relationship with money right, talk back to money and tell money they love God and not money and money is not their God.  They need to tell money that they are no longer a slave and a servant to money but money is a servant to them and the Kingdom and it is going to work for them instead of them work for it.

Matt 6:24-26 No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon (money). KJV

Jesus is telling us that we have to make a choice whether we will serve God or money.  Settle it today that you are going to serve God and money is going to serve you.

Here is a confession of faith you can use right now and talk to money and shortage in your household, purse/billfold, bank account, etc. and let money know that it is not your god, you don’t worship it any longer and you don’t serve it any longer but you worship the Lord only and money is now going to serve you.

Confession:  I settle today my relationship to money.  I love God and I don’t love money.  I serve God and not money and then money serves me.  This is what I decide today.  My pocketbook/billfold, my bank accounts, my investments will not talk to me anymore but I talk to them and they increase more and more.  Money will not talk to me and put me under pressure, care, worry, stress, anxiety any longer.  This will not happen any longer for I serve God and money serves me.

I have the responsibility to tell money what to do and then money doesn’t tell me what to do.  I am not controlled by money.  I am not pressured by money.  I am not pressured by money whether it is there or not there to pay bills.  I am not worried by how much money I presently have and it will not affect me mentally or physically for it is not my God!  If money is not there I will stay in faith and call in the harvest.  I am focused on what the Spirit of God is leading me to do and I remain in the rest of God.  It is through faith and patience I receive the promise of every harvest that I need.  Money doesn’t control me but it serves me as I serve God and God tells me what to do and I believe Him for the finances to come in and I walk in faith that what comes in is my harvest.

God has designed the seed (money) to be my servant to serve me. The seed is my provision.  Just as a farmer does not ask a seed whether it wants to be planted or not but instead plants what he wants, when he wants and where he wants; directed by the Spirit of God I too decide the seed I am planting and where and when I am planting it because God has given me seed to be planted for my provision and be a servant to me.

I am better off than any bird on the face of this earth for I have the opportunity to sow and I have the opportunity to reap.

My Lord God takes care of the birds but much more does He take care of me who sows and reaps.

I have made the decision that the care, worry, stress, anxiety and pressure about money, it’s over, it’s over in my life. I do not serve money but money serves me. I will not bow down to money by giving it my thought life and worry and have concern and be anxious.  Money will no longer tell me what I can do or can’t do.  I will not allow money to tell that I am on a fixed income and tell me how I am going to live for I don’t serve money anymore.  I serve the Living God.  My faith in the love of God for me casts out all fear concerning money in my life and household.

I have just posted a whole new series of audios on God’s Word Alive entitled “Kingdom Ways To Prosper In Financial Famine” that will show you how to use Kingdom financial strategies to escape the financial famine in this world system.  The Kingdom has provided for you through Jesus a Redemptive Wall that separates you from the financial famine in this godless, Babylonian world system.  Now is the time for each and every Christian and their households to flourish in the Kingdom of God and get back to Eden and live on top of the world.