Do you ever worry about money?  Then you have made money your god.

Do you ever worry about your job or getting a job or getting a second job or maybe even a third job?  Then you have made job your god.

Do you ever worry about your government check or government healthcare or other government resources not being available for you?  Then you have made government your god.

As I prayed about the national debt of the United States, the Lord showed me that Americans and the American government have made jobs, money, debt, education, intellect, logic, mere humanistic thinking, themselves, other people and government their gods.

When we have constantly on our mind the need for more money, getting a job, unpaid bills and debt and government assistance or other human resources to meet our needs, that should be a clear indication to us these are gods to us.  It is time we acknowledge we have had these other gods and repent to the Lord God for having these other gods.  Declare this out loud so you can hear yourself speaking this since you are the person you believe the most and also so that demons who harass you hear this, “The Lord God Almighty is my Source and my only Source.”

There are so many gods in our society today and so I believe this is the set time for the Lord God to reveal Himself as the one and only God and also prove to us this is the time for the reality of Kingdom living and Kingdom provision that is our only way out of the bondage to this world system.   I believe this is going to be another time when God reveals Himself as The God as He did in Elijah’s day, 1 Kings 18, and not the god of the prophets of Baal.  1 Kings 18 is a must read if you are facing financial lack and in debt and are really serious about a way out.

At that time, in 1 Kings 18, there was a famine in the land.  If you are experiencing financial famine; this is the time for GOD, JEHOVAH GOD ALMIGHTY to reveal Himself to you once again as THE GOD, YOUR GOD.

Today the Church is working harder, working faster and working longer but not smarter to meet their needs and pay their bills and pay off their debt.  They as well as the unbelievers have 2 or 3 jobs that pay minimum wage, for they just need more money, more mammon.

You must renew our mind to the truth that Father God never intended for you or any other Christian to bear the weight of their own provision.

Working for money, the Church unknowingly is actually working for a spirit of mammon.  But God said we cannot have two masters, serve two masters.  The reason why the Church as a whole just can’t get ahead is because they are serving money and not God.  The Church doesn’t have time or make time for a relationship with the Lord and meditating His Word because they are spending too much time on the job or jobs. A definition of “job” is “just over broke” and the reality of that is seen everywhere around the world.  The truth is, we are not supposed to be working for money but money is supposed to be working for us. That’s when we will have time for God and His Kingdom purposes.   You need to declare right now, “I am not working for money but money is working for me!”

The Church has forgotten many of the Kingdom financial principles and financial laws of the Kingdom that produce true financial prosperity and one very important financial principle is that we don’t spend money before it multiples.  When we ignore this Kingdom principle, Kingdom law, eventually we will become a slave working for money rather than money working for us.

God never intended for any person to bear the weight of their provision.  We have proof of this in the Garden when God provided everything for Adam and Eve they would ever need before He even created them.  He provided everything for the children of Israel in the wilderness.  Jesus fed the hungry multitude of people when the fish and the bread were multiplied and this happened more than one time.  Jesus’ disciples talked about working a job to get enough money to provide the fish and the bread but Jesus just multiplied what was already there from Heaven’s resources.  So out of these three witnesses, allow the truth God doesn’t want you to bear the weight of your provision be established in your heart.  Declare that out loud right now, “Father God never intended for me to bear the weight of my own provision.”  Jesus has already created a layaway for you in Heaven of all things that pertain to life and godliness and you access it by faith.  Meditating the layaway promises and declaring them is your way to escape the pressures of this world system and will release faith that will go to work for you and produce for you the manifestation of Jesus’ layaway.

A Kingdom financial truth is that when you are constantly provision minded, then money and increase and God’s provision will escape you because you will be looking in the opposite direction. Money, divine provision, divine increase, divine appointments and divine favor will pass you by.  I am convinced this is why Jesus told us in Matthew 6 not to be anxious for anything because He knew Heaven’s supply would pass us by as we are looking in the wrong or opposite direction for our supply and increase coming by way of the world system and its money and jobs. Actually, when you are provision minded then you will not be able to hear the Lord who is speaking to you at that time and it stops faith working for you.

The Lord spoke to me and He said, “You have been hoodwinked into this money thing (mammon).”  I looked up the word, “hoodwinked” because that is not part of my normal vernacular.

“Hoodwinked” means to blindfold, deceive by false appearance, bamboozle, bluff, misguide, misinform, mislead, snooker, suck in, trick, string alone, etc.”

In other words we have been misinformed, have been misguided by this world system that runs by one thing and that’s money.  Satan’s world system has only one anointing, one empowerment to prosper and that is only by money and so Satan intent is to get you working for money and God’s provision passes you by.  This is why a true relationship with the Lord is so important to you financially for then He can show you what direction to be looking for His provision to come to you.

You need to understand that God has anointings to prosper you that produce beyond what money can do for you and they are The Blessing of the Lord and the favor of God. These heavenly anointings produce divine increase, divine prosperity, experiencing the Kingdom of God economy, divine health and wholeness, living in Heaven’s culture, release God’s divine favor in your affairs, produce divine wisdom, provide divine direction, just innumerable benefits that money alone could never promise you nor produce in your life.  These anointings of the favor of God and The Blessing of the Lord will get you out of dependency on this world system that is coming apart at its seams and it will only get worse.

Satan is the god of this world system, its economics, its culture, its attitudes, its environments, etc.  He offered it all to Jesus if he would bow down to him and worship him and now the Church has fallen for the offer ignorantly.  Satan is now pushing his Godless kingdom operation, his Godless financial system which is run by debt, his economy run by the limited minds of mere men and his own Godless culture; and as has been proven true with everything the devil does, they all fail because it is a Godless operation. That’s why we call it the Babylonian world system, a system run without God. Jesus plainly told us Satan’s work in this earth is to kill, steal and destroy lives and we certainly can see this happening with individuals and whole nations.  So now we must use our faith for this being the time for the Kingdom of God and its government and economy to be ours to release us from this Godless world system.  Confess right now, “The Kingdom of God is my government and my economy.”

Satan set up this world system of money and working for a living and Godless governments and Godless economies and Godless cultures through Nimrod the grandson of Ham, the great-grandson of Noah.  He was the person behind the building of the Tower of Babel.  He rebelled against God and left The Blessing God had declared over his family and set up this kind of government without God that we see today, its system of economics and commerce, its monetary system, its healthcare, its securities, etc.  Through these systems Satan is acting as god and fooling even the Church and keeping the Kingdom from advancing and the Gospel from being preached so that more souls will go to an eternal Hell.  He is deceiving mankind today through blinding their eyes to the truth of Christ and His Kingdom.

2 Cor 4:4 In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them. KJV

Nimrod who was blinded by Satan left God and inspired by Satan set up this world system of money, mammon and jobs so that mankind would serve Satan and the spirit of mammon and money, work for a living and be blinded to the power of The Blessing of the Lord and the favor of God that secures all provision.  As the Lord told me, we were hoodwinked, blindfolded by this money thing and suckered right into working for a living and working harder, longer but not smarter.

Satan is the god of this world system, a Babylonian system, government without God.  At the 2012 Democratic Convention they voted whether to put the word “God” in their platform and the majority spoke loudly, “No.” You can’t run a government without God.  A Godless government makes itself a god.  Governments without God have no real anointing, no real empowerment to prosper the people and so the people have to rely on education that is costly, jobs and intellect and logic and money and debt and government programs that only make them even more slaves to this godless system.  None of these Godless governments create enough jobs or enough prosperity because the truth is you can’t create anything without God who is the Creator and His wisdom.  Only God and His wisdom produce true and lasting wealth for any people anywhere on the earth.

Deut 8:18 But thou shalt remember the LORD thy God: for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth, that he may establish his covenant which he sware unto thy fathers, as it is this day. KJV

Jobs and government have become America’s gods and this election year all you hear the politicians talking about are how THEY are going to create more JOBS.  None of them can create enough jobs because they have taken God and His ability to prosper a nation out of government, out of their thinking and their speeches.  God never intended for anyone to ever bear the weight of their provision and looking to a job or a government to prosper you is making them a god.

God has something better in mind for not only the Church but also those outside of the Church to prosper them and create true wealth.  Let me show you just what He has in mind to prosper you and create true wealth.

Remember the woman in the Old Testament who had debt and couldn’t pay it but the prophet of God ask her what she had in her house and she responded she had a little oil?  Obeying the prophet of God this woman gathered vessels from her neighbors and went into her house and started pouring oil in the vessels and pretty soon there were not enough vessels to fill with oil for the oil kept increasing as she poured the oil.  Here’s a clear picture of the anointing, the empowerment to prosper that is produced by The Blessing of the Lord that I told you about before.  She then took the oil and sold it and paid the debt.

Now my question to you is what is in your house?  Politicians and governments are promising you jobs and yet there are no jobs to be had. You can avoid this problem by asking yourself, “What do I have in my house?”  Your answer to no jobs and just minimum wage jobs is what do I have in my house?  The Church has been LOOKING EXTERNALLY for jobs and provision when they need to be LOOKING INTERNALLY for God to speak to them and reveal the gifts, the talents, the abilities, the inventions, the creative ideas, the new technology that is needed at this time, the music and songs to be written, the answers to problems, etc. that God has given. I believe this is the time the Lord desires to release more creativity in the people of the earth than ever before.  There are things He desperately has to have manifested in the earth for this time. We have to realize this truth Church and then the prosperity we have needed is there.

You see God given gifts and talents and abilities being discovered when you watched “Britain’s Got Talent” and “America’s Got Talent.  This is proof that

God has given each and every person a talent, an ability and so forth to bless others and also to prosper them.  That’s what these God given gifts and abilities and skills are for, for the prosperity of the person as well as to bless the world around them.  Young people especially need to know this truth so they are not spending wasted time looking for external jobs that pay minimum wage and going into debt for costly college education. Even the elderly need to know this truth so they are not living off of a fixed income.  They have fixed their income because they too have looked externally for their prosperity and increase.  The truth is that the person who is doing what God created them for with their God given gifts, talents and skills are the happiest people in the world, the most productive people in the world and certainly the healthiest in the world at any age.

Some might say they have found their God given gift, ability, skill or even have an invention but they just don’t have the money to get a patent or a copyright or whatever is needed.  My answer to you goes back to that woman with the debt and a little bit of oil in her house.  Because that woman didn’t have only one or a few vessels for that oil, it didn’t stop her.  When she obeyed the word from the prophet of God, the Lord provided the vessels for the right amount of oil that she needed to be sold to pay the debt.  So if you use the excuse of lack of money or lack of a patent or lack of a copyright; then you are not trusting God to get to you whatever you need.  You might be looking in the wrong direction when He may not give you money but he may instead give you a contact that brings it all together. He may give you a resource you never thought possible to make it all happen.  “Britain’s Got Talent” and “America’s Got Talent” should be proof to you of that very thing.  Quit wavering in your faith whether He is going to provide and start looking inward what He tells you to do.  He may not tell you to get some vessels to fill with oil but He will guide you in the right direction.

I know these truths are giving real hope to people who need some real hope.  Believe me, this is your hope.

We have to see that our gift makes room for us in the world and not a job or even a costly education.

Prov 18:16 A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men. KJV

What politicians are failing to see is that the people of the United States are the gold of this nation, the wealth of this nation because contained in them are the God given ideas of wealth, ability to create wealth, God given inventions and problem solving, God given skills and abilities, etc.  Politicians and government officials must encourage the people to look internally and find these gifts that will benefit not only an individual but their local city and yes even a whole nation.

In nations today it’s all about education and jobs and then when you get an education you are pretty much spending years of paying back for the education and then the person with the degree has to go to a minimum paying job or jobs to pay back the debt for the education.  It’s just a vicious cycle of bondage to a world system’s control; when all of this could be avoided if that same person would just find their God given gifts and skills and abilities, etc. that would produce wealth for them and that would pay for their education if they want further education.

This Godly wisdom can not only alleviate financial lack and produce wealth for a region or a whole nation but also alleviate health problems that are a result of the stress and worry of the financial lack.

I am asking you to not only take heed to these truths I am sharing with you but that you would please share them with other Christians, young or old, and even those in government positions.  Governments need to quit playing god and encourage the people of their nation to find their God given purpose for life, their God given gifts, their God given abilities, and their passions that create prosperity and wealth for the individual and the nation.  The governments who do this would have the most prosperous, happiest and healthiest people in the world.

Past history of America, there were more inventions and creative ideas that came out of America because America recognized God and trusted in God and not its own government.  All nations once again must return to God and trusting in Him alone in order for them to see true prosperity.

I have just posted a whole new series of audios on God’s Word Alive entitled “Kingdom Ways To Prosper In Financial Famine” that will show you how to use Kingdom financial strategies to escape the financial famine in this world system.  The Kingdom has provided for you through Jesus a Redemptive Wall that separates you from the financial famine in this godless, Babylonian world system.  Now is the time for each and every Christian and their households to flourish in the Kingdom of God and get back to Eden and live on top of the world.