God has given you the heavenly gift of dynamic faith and He expect you to use it just like He does. Faith is now your lifestyle.  In this blog you will find revelations of faith that I believe will stir you to give faith an assignment every single day.  Faith is given to you to serve you, so put it to work.

Faith is the lifestyle of the believer which is pleasing to God because God created us to live by faith just like Him.

The Kingdom of God is set up to run according to God’s Word and the operation of faith and so we access Heaven by faith and receive every God given promise and our spiritual inheritance from Heaven by faith and overcome all tests and trials by faith.

By faith we overcome in this world, overcome its control, limitations, restraints and restrictions and experience victory after victory over our spiritual enemy who set it up and controls it.

Faith switches us from natural carnal living where we can only expect what we naturally can expect and have to wait on time into the higher life of the spirit where we experience supernatural living with no restraints and no limits and time no more controls and dominates our life.

Faith is the connection to a daily intimate relationship with God and to His power and His Heavenly resources He has already given and laid up for us to receive by faith.

Faith is based entirely on God and His Word and not on facts, natural and circumstantial evidence, natural senses and human reasoning that oppose the Word of God.

Faith is based on God’s ability instead of natural ability because using faith we can see how quickly God can get things done.

Faith is easy to the person who is guided by his spirit but faith is hard to the natural intellectual person who lives carnally and reasoning is his guide.

Faith comes out of the heart and not the head, the intellect, the logic, the reasoning, which makes logical sense or good sense but does not make faith sense.

Faith is a product of our spirit and not our mind and is perceived by our spiritual senses and that means we have left the sense realm because the sense realm cannot participate in faith.

Faith has nothing at all to do with feelings, emotions, physical senses or reasoning.

Living by faith we see through the eye of faith and our body and soul (mind, will, emotions, intellect, reasoning, and imagination) have come under the control of our spirit.

Faith is contaminated when we tolerate fear coming from circumstantial evidence and evidence of the physical senses that are contrary to the Word of God.

Faith means living outside of time because faith makes things happen now.

Faith is never tomorrow and has no future but is always now and so when we speak by faith we take time out of our conversation, we speak present tense instead of future tense.

Faith has control over time because time is a created thing in the earth and God gave Adam and Eve and all mankind dominion over all things in the earth including time.

Faith operates above time and dominates time and brings time to a standstill, time has to bow to faith.

Faith is a gift from God; it is heavenly substance of things hoped for.

Faith’s evidence is invisible but it has the power to change all visible natural and circumstantial evidence.

Faith is our only evidence when we use faith and the only evidence we ponder or focus on if we expect circumstantial evidence to change.

Faith is spiritual evidence that makes all natural circumstantial evidence contrary to God’s Word nonexistent.

Faith is seeing through the eye of faith what we hope for, earnestly and intensely expect.

Faith is confirmation from Heaven of the things we prayed, dreamed and desired.

Faith is the currency of the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom voucher to be used to receive all resources of the government of the Kingdom of God.

Faith is a spirit of faith that speaks only what God and the Word of God says no matter what things look like in the natural.

Faith is a spiritual law that is a higher law than all natural laws and is capable of changing all circumstantial evidence, all facts that look really real, sound really real, feel really real and seem really real but are contrary to the Word of God.

Faith is a supernatural power that has precedence over all natural power and natural ability and has the power to entirely destroy, eliminate altogether all natural evidence that opposes the Word of God and the will of God.

Faith is the only way we can touch God’s power.

Faith is the anointing connector that connects the anointing of God’s Word into our life.

Faith is what makes faith work and not prayer makes faith work.

Faith is the only way to overcome the world.

Faith is a creative, spiritual force that multiplies substance on the earth (food, money, clothes, whatever is needed).

Faith has the power to dominate time, space, and matter.

Faith is dominating or creative and so it stops storms and creates body parts.

Faith is a servant to the believer and it is always ready to work when we give it an assignment and it won’t quit until the assignment is finished.

Faith is ready to work so we should not rest our faith once we have a victory.

Faith is a whole new atmosphere, atmosphere of God and Heaven.

Faith is a realm of God and Heaven because there is no proof other than faith.

Faith is calling things that be not as though they already are or calling for things that do not appear to appear and this is a Kingdom principle.

Faith is entering into the rest of God because we already believe He has already done all He needs to do for us and has promised us.

Faith is not “seeing is believing” but “believing is seeing”.

Faith working for us means we cannot with our natural senses perceive that prayers are answered or things have changed.

Faith working for us means feelings are not designed to detect whether you have faith or not.

Faith is taking as truth what God has said about us instead of what others say about us and what circumstances and all other evidence are dictating to us.

Faith is looking into the mirror of God’s Word to see what you look like, what you have, and what you can do.

Faith has characteristics of operating like a seed, it grows, works like a servant, works by faith, felt through spiritual senses, detected in a person who is bold and confident.

Faith is in Jesus the Author and the Finisher of our faith and so we can have total confidence in our faith.

I have just shared with you some important faith points to stir your faith and encourage you in the power of your faith and the use of your faith.  These very truths I have taken from my new E Book, “The Dynamics of Faith”.  Writing this E Book has stirred me to use my faith daily and I am seeing results and that is what I expect to happen to you as you meditate the material in the E Book and then give your faith daily assignments.


Janie has written “The Dynamics of Faith” to reveal new revelations of faith in order to make faith even more clear to the believer so they know they are on the right track in the exercise of their faith and get results.

Janie shares that faith is not hard and gives clear definitions of faith, she shows you faith is in two places in the heart and in the mouth and she shares what contaminates faith, she shares how faith dominates time and eliminates it all together, you will learn the characteristics of faith and how faith comes to a believer and how to become so intoxicated with faith you can’t be talked out of your faith, she shows how important the righteousness of Christ is to your faith working perfectly, you will learn how to release your faith and lots more revelations that will stir you to give faith an assignment and be confident you will receive what you believed for.

Janie’s E Book, “The Dynamics of Faith” has been written so that you can easily study point by point in a personal study of faith and also in a group study. This material is going to stir new revelations of faith in you and bring new hope and confidence in using your faith.



After reading this blog, you need to check out my audio, “Declaring Your Divine Healing & Divine Health”.  You can download the PDF transcription to study with the audio.