Lord, I want the world to know that you have been faithful to me!

You have always been there for me!  You have always been my best and closest friend!  There has been none in this earth that has stuck with me like you!  There has been none other who loved me like you even when I didn’t deserve your grace in my life nor certainly didn’t deserve your unconditional love!  You are truly a friend that sticks closer to me than a brother.

You have been there for me in the good times and when life seemed to be the worst!  You have been there for me in the times when fear would so try to grip my heart and try to take over my mind!  You were there in those dark nights when there seemed to be no hope!  You were there!  You were there when there seemed to be no one who loved me or cared about me!  You were there when my heart was so crushed by the pain from the disappointments of life and the hurt that came because of the actions of other people!  You were there when I was so angry because of the pain in my heart!  You were there!

You have always been with me and shared your love and your grace and your hope and your joy and your peace.  Even recently in a very discouraging time, when my mind got quiet I heard you say, “Jane, would you like to feel the hope of heaven, the love of heaven, the peace of heaven?  Would you like to hear the joy of heaven?”  And of course I accepted your offer and when I did I experienced just what you offered me!  Wow!  I felt the love of heaven!   Wow Father God! You really do love me!  I felt the peace that passes all understanding that is the atmosphere of heaven and I can experience that any time because I am seated there with you!  I felt the hope of heaven!  Wow!  This hope is mine now you reminded me for it never falls apart like the hope of this world!  This hope is eternal!  I had to cry because of that wonderful hope I have in you!  I heard the joy of heaven and heard the children laughing as they played!  Wow Father!  I felt the joy of being your child on this earth!  I am so glad I took your offer to leave that moment of anger and allow love and hope and peace and joy of heaven fill my heart once again. Thank you, Father.  I will never forget that special time or the other special times I have had with you!

You are truly my Husband.  You are my best Friend!  You have proved it and so I declare it to the world you have been my Healer both body and soul and so I don’t need the artificial healing this world has to offer me!  You are GOD to me!  You are the Rest to my soul, body and life!  You are truly and faithfully my Deliverer and my Provider!  Honestly, truly you are these things to me!  You are the Dependable One in my life!  You are my Lover!  You are my Hope!  You are my Comforter!  You are my Helper!  You are the Trusty One of my life!  You are the joy of my life!  You are the song of my soul!  You are the faithful Guide for the paths of my life!  You are Wisdom to me!  There is none like you!

Oh, and I can’t forget those exceeding, great and precious promises that you have made me because of your love for me and I can believe every word of them because you are not a man that you should lie to me and you have not lied to me nor failed me all these many years we have walked this earth together.

Thank you for being so faithful!  Thank you for being so caring when I need you the most!  I escape the pain of this world, the worry of this world, the fears of this world just coming into your presence, the presence of the Faithful One of my life!

I am so glad I gave my life to you at an early age, to the purpose that you gave my life!  Wow God!  You make me feel so special!  I am really important to you and that is all that matters.  There has been nothing more fulfilling to me than to have your presence in my life, to know your purpose for my life and to actually be living out your purpose.

I am so glad I have learned how to trust you!  I am so glad I learned I could live by faith and not by sight and contact you any time of the day or night with my faith!  Thank you for the measure of faith you gave me as a gift!  Wow!  Father God, you left nothing out!  You have given me all things that pertain to life and godliness and by my own freewill, another gift you gave me, I get to experience it all by simple faith in you and your Word of promise to me!

I am so glad you have taught me most recently how supernatural I really am!  You have made me not a mere human being on planet earth but you have made me in your likeness and your image!  I am the spitten image of you Father God!  I am supernatural!  Me, a spirit, am on this earth in my earth suit but at the same time I am actually seated with Christ at the right hand of your throne with the rest of the divine family!  I AM SUPERNATURAL JUST LIKE YOU!  I CAN EXPERIENCE THE SPIRIT REALM BECAUSE YOU HAVE GIVEN ME SPIRITUAL SENSES!  I see, hear, smell, taste and touch things in the spirit by my reborn spirit!  Wow!  Star Wars has nothing on me!  Wow!

I give you my life, all of my days!  I give you my body, my soul, my spirit, my money, my family, my marriage!  I give you everything because I KNOW THAT YOU LOVE ME!  I CAN TRUST YOU WITH EVERYTHING FOR YOU ARE THE FAITHFUL ONE OF MY LIFE!  I offer everything to you because you are worthy of it all!  I offer all as my worship to you!

You remain constantly, continually with me and will go with me even to the ends of the earth and through the rest of my time on planet earth and even, praise You Lord, through the eternity to come!  Wow God!

Thank you for being the FAITHFUL ONE!  I simply love you, adore you and worship you alone!  No one will ever take your place that is rightfully yours in my life!

I’m telling the world, you are awesome and there is none like you!

And now Father, I asked that you fill the lives of those who are reading this blog with your presence and they would know you the awesome God and Companion and Friend you are,  in Jesus’ name.

After reading this blog, you need to listen to my audios, “The Reality of the Word of God” & “God Kind of Hope”.  You can download the PDF transcription to study with the audio.