I believe we are going to face some days ahead where human options will dwindle but we are not alone in this world for we can partner with angels and must partner with the angels in this time.

Now more than ever it is mandatory for you to learn how to partner with the angels who are standing by ready to help, guide, protect and deliver blessings to you.

I want to share with you important information on how to activate angels I received from Sid Roth’s website, “It’s Supernatural!”.  You can view the program where Sid interviewed Ron Phillips and they discuss how angels operate with us.  Here’s the link:

Activate angels:

1) Angels are activated by faith. The angel of God went before the children of Israel to lead the way when they left Egypt because they believed they were going somewhere.

2) Angels are activated by the Word of God. Jesus said, “Say to this mountain,…”  When you speak to the difficulties in your life by faith, angels immediately respond to the believer who speaks forth the promises and the Word of God.  There is nothing stronger than that.

On the contrary don’t speak wrong words contrary to the Word of God.  “Don’t tell the angel you didn’t mean to say it.” (Ecclesiastes 5:6)  It also says in that same scripture because of your wrong words the angels destroy the works of your hands.  You need to be careful what comes out of your mouth.  Let the promises of God and the Word of God  and right words come out of your mouth.

3) Angels are activated by prayer. Revelation 5, 8 the altar of incense where the angels are, it represents in the ancient temple tabernacle the prayers of the saints. The angels convey our prayers in their hands to the Father.  We don’t pray to angels.  We pray to the Lord Jesus our Messiah, to Yahweh our God and our heavenly Father by the power of the Holy Spirit.  And since our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, when the Word and the worship and the prayer begin to roll out of our spirit angels are activated and begin to move just like they did when Isaiah was in the Holy of Holy because there is no veil between us and God and heaven now. And they are activated that way in your life.

4) They move on miracle ground where Kingdom operation is going on.  When we begin to believe in the supernatural they show up.

Pray and declare these words to activate the angels in your life:

Father God, I ask that your supernatural presence come into this room right now. I pray that the angelic activity will begin around about me now.  I sense your powerful presence.  I pray you fill me with the Holy Spirit of the Living God.  My body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.  I declare there are angels operating in the temple of my life.  Lord, I ask that you command these angels to bring in my harvest, to help me in my healing and receive miracles for my body, to give me direction, to protect the resources that are behind me and before me and help them to walk before me in all the ways of my life.  Give me your supernatural heavenly language that will build me up and strengthen me.  Thank you, Holy Spirit, for giving me utterance as I move my lips for I believe the utterance will come out of my spirit as you, Holy Spirit, give me utterance.  I yield my tongue to you now so you can speak through me.  I allow the flow to begin.  The fruit of the spirit is joy, Father, let the joy angels begin to come around and let the music of heaven begin in my heart.  Let me know the Holy Spirit is with me but also the heavenly angels are with me and I am not alone, in Jesus’ name.

Allow the heavenly language to flow to bring you true rest in your spirit.   “With trembling lips and stammering tongue God will speak to his people,” the prophesy of Isaiah and quoted in 1 Corinthians 14.  And He says, “This is the rest with which I will rest you.” Angels want us to rest and they bring us strength and rest and tongues brings rest to our spirit.

Angels are sent to serve you and to help make your work easy and make you work smarter.  Angels take the weariness out of your life and add joy to it.  You can have joy all of the time no matter where you are because you are not alone.  Angels will turn your life around with favor.

Father God wants, desires the angels to be activated in your life to supernaturally serve you, the heir of salvation, in these end time days when you must take hold of your spiritual, heavenly inheritance out of the heavenly realm.

Here’s the link to hear more of the ministry of angels:

January 4-10, 2010
Get an inside look into the realm of the angelic. You’ll be amazed as Ron Phillips discusses how angels operate behind the scenes, and how you can engage their help in your own life. Angels are indeed your allies, and if you want to learn about the spiritual world and the angels who help direct it, do not miss this interview!

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