I have had this word so strong for someone the last 2 days.

I kept having a vision of a woman at the back of a crowd and she had a great need.

Well we all know the story of the woman with the issue of blood, don’t we?  I thought about this woman.  She must have been at least middle aged I would think, as she had had this problem for a long time.  She had several things against her before she even started.  One, she was a woman.  She shouldn’t be up front with the men, so being at the back was “ok” to a lot of people.  Two, the issue of blood would have made her weak I would think.  Three, there was a crowd in between her and Jesus.

Let me say something here.  She was seeking a healing, so there was a specific need.

When she saw Jesus she saw the source of her healing.

Whatever your need is today, He (Jesus) is the Source.  It’s not a CD.  It’s not a meeting.  It’s not a ministry.  It’s Him, Jesus.  He is your Source.  Whatever it is (your need) He is the One.  If you need a word for direction or if you need healing or you need provision or maybe you need deliverance; He is the Provider, the Healer, the Deliverer, the Good Shepherd, the Savior, the Fount Of All Blessing.  He is able to save to the uttermost (“From the gutter most to the uttermost,” a famous hymn writer once said).

When they needed more wine at the wedding (because they didn’t want to be ashamed) Mary said, “Whatever He says to you, do it.”

So today my friend, “Whatever He says to you, do it.”  He may tell you to get a certain CD, He may tell you to go to a certain meeting or read a particular book (He does use the body of Christ).  He may tell you to sit, He may tell you to go, He may tell you to pray, He may tell you to sing, He may tell you to dance, but one thing I know; He is the Source, He is your Source.

Jesus was crucified on the cross naked and nakedness speaks of need.  He crucified your need so that you can live in His provision.  God doesn’t get glory in your need, although He loves you and is wild about you; but He does get glory when your needs are met and you share in His life with Him.

Whether you like it or not you are His advertisement.  And guess what?  He is a very good God and a very gracious and loving and generous and extravagant God.  And He is your Daddy.  He is mighty God but He is also “Abba” (Daddy).

Well this little lady at the back of the crowd got a revelation about Jesus and when she saw the source of her healing, do you know what she did?  The Bible said, “She pushed through the crowd.”

For a lady to push (or a man for that matter); that’s not very polite is it?  “The Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force.”

Some people sit at the back of the crowd and have an attitude, “Well if Jesus wants to heal me, He knows where I am.”

Well yes He does, but you also have to receive something that He has already provided.  And do you know there is most always a crowd in the way between you and your receiving?

So what are you gonna do with your crowd?  Be intimidated?  Say, “Well He knows where I live if He wants to fill me with the Holy Spirit.”

No. No.  Sometimes you have to push!  “Excuse me!  I need to get through here!”

And the lady pushed people out of the way!

How rude!  There isn’t time to let your little politeness keep you out of the way.  Sometimes they are not in the truth anyway.  You can please men and miss God.  You can submit to men and not do what God is telling you to do.

Some sweet Christians have a spirit of rebellion because they please men and don’t obey God.  If you obey God sometimes you are like the salmon swimming upstream.

“Get out of the way!”  And she touched the hem of His garment and “Wow!”  She got blasted and got healed.  She touched Jesus with a violence because He felt virtue go out of Him.

“Who touched Me?”

Sounds very Jewish.

What do you mean, “Who touched you?  Look at this big crowd.”

You have to be determined to touch Him.  What is your crowd?  Your family?  Your busy lifestyle?  Your church perhaps, their opinions?  But you need to push through the crowd, your crowd.

What do you want?  It’s ok to ask.

There is no point in God making every provision for us and we don’t receive it.  It sounds spiritual to say, “We are just seeking Him?”  There is a certain truth to that but on the other hand, He provided for you everything you could possibly ask or even think of in your entire life.

He wants people to say, “Look at those Christians.  What do they have that they are so radiant and so blessed?”

I have heard people get upset when they have been prayed for.  “He pushed me!”

Sometimes you need to be pushed.

When Peter and John offered prayer for healing for the crippled man at the gate “Beautiful”, it says “They pulled him up.”

Suppose He had said, “Well I don’t know if I will receive this healing because they pulled me?  Maybe it wasn’t God.”

How ridiculous.  We are so religious sometimes.

Like the man who was drowning and someone threw him a life raft.  He said, “No, I am waiting for God to save me.”

Well go ahead and drown then.  God mostly uses people.